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11x11 manager - is a great way to try out different positions in such a serious, but interesting sport, like football. show a detailed description of 11x11 manager - is a great way to try out different positions in such a serious, but interesting sport, like football. This simulator allows users to stay as coach the football team, as the owner of the football club, or as a standard football player who plays for a particular football club. Play this game will, like children who love this kind of browser-based multi-user project, and the growns who love football and try to prove themselves somehow in your favorite sport. 11x11 - is a game project that exists online. This means that hundreds of users simultaneously in the game world and can lead, as a separate game, and compete with each other in various categories and nomination. The possibility of simultaneous dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people, was given the status of this game multiplayer. Each browser game has its positive aspects, of course, each also has its drawbacks. 11x11 football manager also has both, and topics. But I would like to consider only the positive aspects of the game. The best quality of this game greatly affected the popularity of her, making a little game in a major project with a large number of servers and thousands of users. One of the features by which the game became so popular - is the lack of payment for the game. Yes, that payment. Incumbents browser games know that the better the game, the sooner developers realize that now they come cheret benefit. They organize paid subscription only filling out the user is able to return to the game. 11x11 game is completely different. It has reached a sufficiently high level of popularity, but it has not lost the "conscience." Developers provide it completely free use. But on the positive aspects of this game 11x11 football not end there. This game incorporates unique features that are associated with the vesting of each player's football team by special characteristics. Each player has his own set of characteristics that defines the functionality of the field. One of these characteristics that the players - it's possible to combine the position. 11x11 real football did feature matching your the only one that can not be set at the beginning of game play. This feature can only be trained on the matches. The game has several different combined positions that a player can get a football team. There could be an attacking midfielder, the same midfield can go into protection and so on. Every player on the team can have only one option of combining positions. The game 11x11 online players have yet another special feature - a special skill. 11x11 online game allows football player in certain situations on the field without any external influence to raise the level of the skill. Naturally, higher skill players can not affect the gameplay, and it means that the outcome of a match may depend on such characteristics. In the 11x11 game will be interesting both for growns and children, as there everyone can find something for everyone. Someone would be exclusively working on the rating increase the football club, and someone will build on and improve the performance of players to further their more successful sale. 11x11 Online Football Manager - is a great simulation of the football world, with all its victories and defeats. 11x11 Registration is quick and painless for the user.
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