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1 pirate game transports you to a world where the sea ruled by fierce and angry pirates. show a detailed description of 1 pirate game transports you to a world where the sea ruled by fierce and angry pirates. A world where you can still find scary monsters chasing and destroying anyone who brought it hard to the territory, which they kept under control. In short, a world where you're not safe anywhere, on land or in the vast ocean. Sitting in the universe of online pirate game 1, you can choose your new destiny. Become a notorious pirate, destroying any who stand in your way, obsessed treasure hunter on different nations, calm peaceful wandering traveler, plowing vast ocean in search of new experiences or the hero who defends the honor and valor, killing monsters and scary creatures that inhabit coastal areas . Like it or not, but in any event within one pirate online game you will find many exciting adventures on the seas, including pervotkryvanie new islands, a lot of interesting quests and exciting battles. Likely to play in game 1 Pirate Online you come for that would be a real sea wolf, and therefore you need a ship that needs to refine and finish. Learn to manage their swimming facilities are also not unimportant aspect of the game, so this point, too, can not be excluded from the calculation. When choosing the main ship not to lose, because a huge number of different models abounds in the game. Here you can find everything from an old wooden boat to possible frigate, ship models from ancient to modern combat destroyers. By building your pirate experience and becoming stronger and more respected, it is possible to make your ship stronger or buy more advanced model of the ship, which offers access to immediately. If parting with the boat, which you already have, too painful, then you can improve it with the help of armor designed to protect the ship from the powerful attacks, guns, to cause more damage to the enemy, hooks for getting goodies from the wreckage of the enemy ships, as well as more many different lotions. Starting your journey to choose the most suitable for you tactics. If fights and sea battles is not for you, then the best strategy would be to stay away, somewhere in a safe fairway. In this case, buying a ship to keep in mind is that your ship has to withstand a lot of damage, have more protection and a higher level of armor. But if you are not afraid of the battle, and you rveshsya the battle to be as soon as possible. The first pirate on the high seas, then need a fast boat, which has formidable tools that cause great damage to the enemy's, capable of destroying an enemy with a single salvo. Are you tired of fighting and dusting, then you can go ashore, although in one pirate play here especially to relax, too, will not work. The islands are inhabited by unseen monsters that await the brave pirates at every turn. There are also the standard of the island to search for treasure and battle with enemies. Name Islands speaks for itself: Tortuga, Tobacco, the island and the island of the Abyss of Death - has long been known from the literature, as the first refuge of sea wolves. On the maps of the islands you will find many locations, with different functions. Here, there are taverns and shopping area, and temples with strange phenomena, and the beaches, where you can soak up the sun, and, of course, wild jungle, passing through which to hack their way with machetes. Play Pirate 1 is completely free, and this requires only 1 pirate registration. Another advantage of the game is that the client is the same place where check in Game 1 Pirate, which means that after registration you can start the process of conquering the world.
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