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Three kingdoms. Infinite number of stories. Honor. Prowess. Courage. Truth. A hero! show a detailed description of Three kingdoms. Infinite number of stories. Honor. Prowess. Courage. Truth. A hero! Immerse yourself in the new world of online game 4Story. You - a hero who is seeking the truth, lost for centuries and seeks to bring it to the world. In Game 4 of the history of the war kingdoms battle system is configured in such a way that makes it possible to carry out in any place large-scale battles and be on top of things. 4Story - This is the story of your hero. Only yours. So leave the memory and history of the Kingdom of his honored name. Online game 4Story: World with a tremendous territory - Iberia. It is here that your Kingdom have a chance to claim their rights. Daily war between the Kingdoms. Defend the honor of your Kingdom. Destroy all enemies in its path. Forget about compassion! Fight for your rights, show everyone that your Kingdom worthy of any existing in all the worlds! To stay in the game world, you need to constantly evolve. Earn experience - going through the quests. It's all pretty easy. Four story adventure game memorable, emotional and amazing discoveries. Listen carefully to the NPC (non-player characters). They prompt you and talk about things, and to tell the story and mystery of a world war 4story. Look for secret missions and quests in the game which is quite enough. Look, think and listen to your intuition. For the implementation of these tasks you meritorious. What, what? Why are the ingredients? Interesting question, but I will advise in a hurry not to throw them, if you got caught. Take them craftsmen, and they will make you wonder. You can get the scrolls, potions, armor, and even weapons. Large selection of military equipment will be provided to you, be sure of this. Starting from classes «F» and to classes «SSS». Do you want to be a legend or not a superstar? The game has some legendary weapon by which you obviously will stand out from the crowd. In 4Story play and look deadly weapon for killing blow which may cause death to the enemy - soon it will be one of the main goals, and meaning the game. I will say this. In this game, you are the creator of your destiny, but also weapons and armor. So be creative and create a unique outfit, which the game will not be none. This world will bring you a pleasure to play 4Story. The battles in the battle close to the present action. He took part in large-scale wars around 2000 players simultaneously. Get your adrenaline. Here it is all about strategy, tactics, stamina and desire to survive. Worked as a system of attacks that are advantageous: - The commander has the ability to take control of up to 7 teams of 49 players. - The commander has the ability to monitor the situation in the battle in the present (real) time. - Also, the commander can determine the exact location of the 48 soldiers and give orders. Walking is no longer fashionable. There is also a unique opportunity to choose a 4 Story mount - a deer, a bull or a horse. Someone faster, some slower. On their own two feet to walk is not advised, as a way to get around is dangerous because the enemy players can catch you unawares, and at any time. And do not have time to gasp. They are all fairly high levels. But making them a challenge and winning - you will soundly rewarded. Show your courage. 4story game is a fairy tale, it is a world of adventure, meet and communicate. Feel like a hero who changes the whole story of what is happening. No, not a feeling. Be it. To start the game, you need to make just 3 steps: 1. Step One: 4Story registration HERE 2. Step Two: download the client HERE 3. The third step: install the client on your PC. Just run the setup. exe file in the folder where to save the game.
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