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Alternative names: 7 item 7 element, seven souls, the seventh element

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7 item online game is a unique MMORPG game that gives players the opportunity to test himself as a warrior, due to the absence of such analogs browser projects. The Chinese company did a great job on the graphics, exciting PvP system and fascinating story. show a detailed description of 7 item online game is a unique MMORPG game that gives players the opportunity to test himself as a warrior, due to the absence of such analogs browser projects. The Chinese company did a great job on the graphics, exciting PvP system and fascinating story. Online game seventh element also sets itself apart from competitors innovative system for creating magical items. Quests are the usual and standard management system familiar to any gamer, so you can easily start playing seventh element. Gateway to the world of relentless bloody battles in the game is to register. To do this you need to go to the official site and give answers to the standard questions: - E-mail; - Username; - A password; - An indication of sex; - Enter code from the image. - Compliance with the rules of the game. 7 element of a free game. You can install it by making sure that your computer has the following technical criteria: Memory 2 GB; The Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA Geforce 8600ATI, Radeon x3600, (256 MB); Operating System Win XP. Once inside the game world, you will be given the opportunity to fight on the side of the battle participants who are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of the reign of peace and goodness in their native lands. What is pushed characters to such drastic measures? One of the countries on the planet Babel was razed to the ground due to the magic of the apocalypse, because of which its inhabitants were forced to move to unfit living Neyyu. In order to survive people have called for help from six essential elements - wind, fire, earth, water, wood and metal, which ended in failure. Instead of the long-awaited peace and good life filled with those elements of the planet chaos and destruction. For the salvation of mankind urgently needed to do something. Luckily found a brave man who sacrificed their daughters, twins for peace in the world. Through their blood created element 7 surpassed the previous six power and was able to seal their power. It would seem that life on the planet in the relative security and business are improving. But from the destroyed planet Babylon reinforcements arrived. Among the people who were looking for a home in the new world, was treacherous and evil Elysion. He wanted to capture the force of 6 elements, and this sparked the eternal conflict between good and evil. 7 souls game is free. In it you have the opportunity to test himself in the role of fierce fighter for the truth. You can create the look of your character in the game in its sole discretion, to immediately begin implementing a plan release of a fantastic world, and without wasting a minute, start the battle on the side of the chosen clan. Online game 7 element "allows you to choose from three existing clans: magicians, warriors and hunters. However, it is worth considering that the mages and warriors are just men and women in the role of hunters. Each class has its own branch of development. An important role is also played by the weapon you have chosen for the battle. The game is the seventh item online warrior can pick ax, sword or galefu, hunters are armed with a dagger, bow or claws, for mages in the arsenal available scythe blade and discs. Skills that can be obtained within the game are the same for all players. This, for example, can be "accelerated at a certain height running time", "Stamina Regeneration", "increase the force of impact on the time," etc. To pump your character in the game can be an average rate, without any special effort. Have united to develop new levels. Quests to pump the hero to move to the next level and increase bonuses. 7 cell line - 55-tier game, but it is possible that over time their number will increase. After all, the game creators have not stopped improving their offspring, releasing updates with lots of bonuses. Dear users, you only install the game 7 element - and you will have the opportunity to experience it to the fullest advantage. Take, for these exciting, fierce battles that just will not leave you indifferent. In Game 7 of souls online system is perfectly designed PK, PvP, and even duels. Additionally, you will be able to take part in massive tournaments and battles. You probably hit the possibility PK-sew other players with little or no restrictions. And such a small thing as a penalty for such actions, will not stop you. Also it is necessary to take care of military gear - do not go well on the enemy with his bare hands! Miscellaneous possible to buy at the store or buy with it. You can also get them for picking up mobs from which they may fall in the case of the murder. The game is the seventh item online all things are sorted by coolness. The weakest are the gray items, more powerful - White, which have standard features, enhanced green then, well, considered the most powerful and blue. The game also has some features that will surprise you. This is for example the system of anger, through which you can change the appearance of the hero, as well as to increase the force of his blows and improve his skills. Also the presence of a built jackpot. Having collected enough points, you can play and get as a reward buff, experience, money, or thing. You can also get some bonus cards with shower (taking off her seal). The player is given the opportunity every two hours. Download 7 element is very simple. Download seventh element can be on your computer from a page element 7 official site, pre-registered there. Joined 7 element will not take you long to create an account to answer the standard questions, then you can get into the world of travel and adventure. After this procedure, you will be available to download game seventh element. In item 7 play like a novice gamer and advanced master the game. 7 element of the game, which certainly will attract the attention of everyone who wants to visit her site. Feel the magic of her world, make her excitement first hand! No one has even felt sorry. Join the exciting world full of events and adventures, and forward - in the name of goodness and peace in the world!
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