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Battlestar Galactica Online - a multiplayer online browser strategy, which is the same name from the cult TV series "Battlestar Galactica" show a detailed description of Battlestar Galactica Online - a multiplayer online browser strategy, which is the same name from the cult TV series "Battlestar Galactica." Game Battlestar Galactica has a very high-quality three-dimensional graphics and a very user-friendly interface game. If you are a beginner, the game thought out special training mission to promote awareness of the world around the player. Before the game, you have to register. In Battlestar Galactica registration is the usual way, just need to fill out a form to register the necessary information. Battlestar Galactica game with a very thrilling story, the source of which was taken back to the show. There were twelve planets and people living on them, created robots Simon. Robots rebelled and demanded civil rights, of course, they were denied their request. Began many years of bloody war. The war ended with a peace treaty and Simon left. Robots do not lose time in vain and to develop their technology to strike back at people. The second attack was much more successful and survived only a few tens of thousands of people who fled, went into space. In the entire stay and long forgotten by all Battlestar "Galactica." Teaming up with other survivors, people were able to destroy the Resurrection Ship Simon, natural robots have not forgiven, and the battle began again. During the battle, the ships of both sides were strange energozaryad and were in previously unexplored sector somewhere on the edge of the galaxy. Both sides heavy casualties and resources running out. Play Battlestar Galactica you start around that time. You have to escape and continue the search for a new home for people - land, while Simon did not destroy the last survivors. Battlestar Galactica Online game whose meaning lies in the battle against other players and destroy mobs - an aggressive race that is against all. Also, do not forget about the collection of resources that you can get to the asteroid. In Batlstar Galactica Online number of asteroids is limited and, in general, for the right to build there own base and obtaining resources, and is a battle. Battlestar Galactica game includes three types of resources: tilium (need to fly with speed, buy things, and some ships), titanium (designed to repair ships), and finally - the water (the most important resource in the game), which You can change the currency qubits. Qubits in small quantities can be extracted from the mobs, they need to spend on better weapons and spacecraft. Just Batlstar Galaxy game, which is another very interesting life - literacy. Certificates can be obtained for a victory in battles with other real players. With literacy can improve ships and buy nuclear missiles. Battlestar Galactica Online game where ships are not the most unimportant part of the game. Ships are divided into three types: attack, guides, linear. Each subspecies ship extremely useful. Fast attack craft can easily deal with a large and unwieldy linear and accompanying on the contrary, are mainly aimed at the destruction of the attackers. Therefore, the success of the game of the team depends on each of its player, where the spirit of a cohesive and balanced action can lead the team to victory. In the game there is a clan system, which helps players with common interests to unite together. The game also has a special, separate chat for Russian-speaking players, which, by the way, the game is not so little.
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