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City of Steam online - free multiplayer browser based role playing game that takes users to the new era of the Earth. show a detailed description of City of Steam online - free multiplayer browser based role playing game that takes users to the new era of the Earth. The project developer - the company Mechanist Games. Conscientious guys from this company tried to make a world of City of Steam beautiful, original and memorable. Because of their work, gamers get a great product to 3D graphics, exciting dynamic plot, lots of dangerous dungeons and dark alleyways, which poses not unexpected pleasant surprises in the form of vicious monsters. After the City of Steam registration will take you to the main site of action - industrial steam city - you will immediately enter into a violent life of the inhabitants fantasy world. David Lindsay, chief designer of the project, did a good job and as a result we face a great game City of Steam, which by its nature is stimpankovoy. This means that you expect the huge steam machines and weight of various types of weapons, spells, which, by the way, are only as a seasoning. Come on! Take a feat! Join in the game City of Steam will not take you long. Just something to fill a few lines: user name, email address, password. Of course, if you took to create an account, to be aware of the rules of the game, and be absolutely agree with all the terms. As for the system requirements for the game is in development, there is no definitive list of required parameters for the gameplay. And yet, the system requirements are modest and clearly do not want to shock good time users. So, once in the unknown world, choose a vending race and start playing in the City of Steam. You will be offered a choice of five major races. This Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Greenskins and Halflings. There are also classes - they are ten. Incidentally, the creators promise in this regard will recharge, as they are running in this direction. It is clear that each race has its own characteristics and range of quests. All quests are organized and quality are diverse. So, what race to play whatever you choose, it will be interesting and exciting. City of Steam to play should be given more, and this time, as the development of skills of the tree. Here you are free to choose the direction that has the most to their liking. But you need to pump your character in any way. So, what specifically affects COS game? It is likely that most of you remember the jetpack (jump jets) and stimbayki (steam motorcycles). Also unusual phenomenon can be considered as a random generation of the most ordinary and cosmetic items. As a result, there are things which the list is quite impressive. Should you like the format and labor - 5x5. PvP battles impress even experienced gamers. In addition, during clashes in the MMORPG you are using all kinds of weapons from the arsenal, which could be described as pretty decent. Flame-throwers, steam gvozdemety, shotguns and at least annoying magic, as well as a huge number of art will be able to use every one who will play the game City of Steam. Ten central areas, which are intended for research are hundreds of levels. So languish from the monotony of just do not have. World Map allows you to quickly navigate to any of the locations that you have time to open. Opened a new location progress through the storyline. But in addition to topical tasks, you will be engaged in earnings points. Every self-respecting gamer should accumulate a certain number of points. After all, it entails prizes. A busy life in the industrial city of the steam will absorb you completely. You will again and again come back to this lesson is tightened, looking forward to hours of free entertainment. Let meet all your expectations!
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