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To date, all the shooters that allow to test yourself in multiplayer mode, can be easily divided into two broad categories. show a detailed description of To date, all the shooters that allow to test yourself in multiplayer mode, can be easily divided into two broad categories. The first category is filled with games, which, by their design, quality and overall performance are able to plug in his belt, many currently existing games. Outstanding representatives of this category can serve quite well-known and popular games such as Call of Duty, Warface and, of course, Battlefield. With regards to the second category, there are not doing so well and enchanting, because the second category is entirely filled with games that have a simpler design, can not compete with the first category on the mechanics of action. In turn, these games are good in their own way, most of the clone is a kind of a game for all kind of beloved Counter-Strike. Recently, for this category is quite interesting to watch. This is due to the fact that most of the games that have been subject to duplication, soon produce enough global updates, and this will inevitably lead to permanent loss of user interest in the latter category. But, it is the movement of grace in the second category of causes that recently very active game moving into the first category of "leaders." Followed by games decided to follow the game Combat Arms, which is already quite an impressive amount of time remained in the shadows for the domestic players. But this does not matter, because very recently introduced Combat Arms website for all to see Russian Combat Arms. Ironically, the developers who offer us play Combat Arms, positioning the new game not only as the best shooter in the world, the likes of which is not, and will not be for several years. It is very remarkable that the game Combat Arms, its performance in the original has quite an impressive number of modes and maps, an incredibly large number of combinations to create the look of the character. But, despite this, the Russian version for some reason they are not observed, and instead, each user should be happy that the Combat Arms can play almost the same type of characters, but it fortunately fixable. Combat Arms online each user has a fairly standard program, which was previously used in the legendary game Counter-Strike. The plot, as such, is not, and the main concern, as always, remains the complete destruction of the representatives of the enemy. This will help each player rather impressive collection of weapons - granite, a Kalashnikov rifle, Molotov cocktails, sniper rifles and other military joy. As with all games of this type, the ability to control the military, or some other technique, no, and no special meaning, after driving increases the likelihood that the bullet will find it for you. It should be noted that the online game Combat Arms does not require the user to constantly develop some skills, improve skills. This is not surprising, because the game they simply do not. Instead Combat Arms Online has a unique system for its genre titles that need blood to earn in fierce battles. Each subsequent increase your rank and expands your access to more powerful weapons and gear. But keep in mind that in order to dive into the wonderful world of battles you need to Combat Arms download the game client, and to provide information, which would require registration Combat Arms.
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