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Command Conquer Online - Astounding free browser-based strategy game, the impact means unfold in real time. show a detailed description of Command Conquer Online - Astounding free browser-based strategy game, the impact means unfold in real time. This is a huge fight for the world championship in the great virtual universe. In order to successfully play the Command Conquer, you must learn how to bravely to repel the attacks of countless enemies, with which have a chance to be like the real players, but the characters and synthetic intelligence. Although the need to wait passively until given out to offenders - it is also not an option. You must be a maximum active, have the courage to carry out attacks sassy, ​​to fight for the right to extract resources, desperately suppress ruthless monsters invaded Tatsid. Starting your own way from the edge of the world, you will turn to move to the center, and this will open the latest dizzying possibilities. Game Command Conquer - is likely to satisfy their own ambitions and thirst for power, declare yourself as a brave fighter and a smart strategy, show located around outstanding features and iron self-control. Already at this point you have the opportunity to download free Command Conquer and enjoy fun gameplay! The door to the world reveals a very interesting profile Command Conquer, during which you will have to give the following information: e-mail the address, password, player name, date of birth, power, desired language. And even during the creation account it is possible to arrange a subscription for new items, and certainly in the end need to agree to the rules of the project. To play Command Conquer Your computer should come such a configuration: OS Windows XP / Vista (Service Pack 1) 32-bit, dual-core processor (Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz or Athlon X2 2,7 GHz), compatible with DirectX 10. 1 video card with 512 MB of memory, the presence of a sound card (compatible with DirectX 10. 1), 2 GB of RAM and 20 timely GB strict disk. And upload a fun solve. CC game in the absence of troubles will load in the browser (with support for HTML5). At the start, will choose which faction to join. Having a place to be in Command Conquer online Global Preservation Board and the Brotherhood of Nod occasionally have a chance to unite into a single alliance. A consequence of this is not that major in composition which faction will enter, and the most precious those effects are taken to combat the combined foe - camping forgotten. These creatures have stolen from the headquarters of Tacitus GDI and stashed in a hidden place on personal ancestral territories. To get to the hidden pyramid and win the treasure is only common efforts with allies. Alone, no such problem in the teeth. While having trained to work together, you have all chances to master Tatsidom whose energy allows you to develop military technology to fairly high values. Other resources that will be put into service by holding Command Conquer online play - this Tiberius, Crystals, Electricity. There are also loans, allowing to make trade-offs between the bases on Tiberius and crystals. In addition, performing the job, you get points studies (to increase combat power), glasses of command and supply points which are spent on the attack. Apart from the role in the overall event, you must take care of its development. Command Conquer Online play requires building a solid base, Koya will be your haven. First, you have the chance to start building peacefully, without fear of attacks. Since before the particular time running defense. Try to catch all the main design objects. Nuance is essential and true alignment of the buildings on the land base. Command Conquer browser game provokes a manifestation of tactical possibilities, in the absence of which will not see success as their own ears. You have to think through their own steps to adequately arrange troops, anticipating the final of a battle, to adequately plan their own abilities. Naturally, Command Conquer available for free, but the effort may invest real. Acquisition of the special currency funds accelerates development. Although if you need to be able to cope superiority or on their own, decide again to be only you personally. Join the game quickly to society and their own leisure as well as you want! This harsh, although at the same time enticing the world, no doubt, will give a lot of pleasure!
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