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The game Crystal Saga is the brainchild of well-known campaigns for the development of browser games, R2Games. show a detailed description of The game Crystal Saga is the brainchild of well-known campaigns for the development of browser games, R2Games. This game is presented in the style of the animated fantasy with cartoon graphics. The game was released in 2011 and continues to operate today. CS game does not rely on the battles and power. The main feature of this project is the plot. It is quite deep and has worked in his left quite a lot of quests. That storyline will introduce to you the whole game. Since the additional quests will be very few and they will not be any uniqueness. Join in the game Crystal Saga is the same routine as in all projects R2Games. You only need to enter your e-mail address, enter your username and password to protect your data. So in Crystal Saga registration will take some time. Play the game for Crystal Saga will have 5 classes of choice:  Knight: walking is a "tank", he has a very powerful protection and no less powerful attack, so the character can jump into a crowd of enemies and, given the extraordinary resistance of this class, hack all the right and left;  Rogue: This class is quite sensitive, but has the highest critical hit, this character acts covertly, using armed with daggers and short swords, also has high agility;  Priest: character specializing in the treatment and protective spells, with such a partner will be very easy to deal with crowds of enemies, but on one condition, that your character will cover it, as the criterion for the protection of the priest is very low;  Ranger: Using your skill and accuracy, it is with incredible precision shooting at enemies from a bow, having a low defense, this character does not always need a cover-up, as it has in the arsenal are various types of traps that are an invaluable aid;  Mage: The most popular class in the game, this character is specialized in magic damage and mass destruction, has a median protection, but has high intelligence, with which the magician learns new spells (the class is the greatest in terms of support compared to other classes) . After selecting a character class, you can change his face and choose the gender of your character. Play Crystal Saga is quite interesting because of the mode PvP. These modes are available in several forms: the world, evil, justice, guilds and parties. All these modes provide a variety of opportunities in the collision of players. For example, in the "world" players are prohibited from attacking each other, and in the "evil" it is possible to attack another player. These modes are tied to locations. After the murder of the player, your nickname becomes red, which allows other users in the "justice" to attack your character. And in either "party" and "Guild" involves a group of players who are at war with each other. Certainly, Crystal Saga online gives the player is not as great opportunities in the game, the other games can be found on the order of magnitude greater range. But in Crystal Saga to play is because it has a kind of friendliness to the player. Their positive music and the opportunity to start a cute pets, the game generates attractive atmosphere that will keep you in the game.
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