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Forsaken World online game - a new entertaining multiplayer online game from the creators of the legendary project Perfect World. show a detailed description of Forsaken World online game - a new entertaining multiplayer online game from the creators of the legendary project Perfect World. Modern graphics, detailed study of the world, interesting game mechanics will surprise even the most experienced user. Choose a personal path of development, peace Eyry opens before you a unique opportunity. You'll be doing quests to sink into the dungeon, fight with the enemy. You are free to choose who to play Forsaken World: blacksmith or gunsmith, or using their skills to gain the respect and esteem of the world on the thorny path of mentor. Look for the faithful comrades, create guilds, and it will become your well-deserved reward grandiose castle. At this time the creators Forsaken World server away from the Eastern subjects, and it is immediately noticeable. It would seem nothing special, but innovation is always pleasing to any current member in the vast World Wide Web. Forsaken World online allows you to create a personal character as easily as in a related project, Perfect World. The developers decided not to toil with the development of the characters and the editor to minimize it. Each user can independently indicate not only the desired shape of the face and other external features, but even the sign of the zodiac. It is worth paying attention to the fact that, in comparison with its progenitor game Forsaken WORLD has significantly more options to choose from, although the unique innovation of this system is not. Race heroes Forseken WORLD quite match the specified game genres. Game Forsaken World has five races, some of them had met each user, but there are two that will be a pleasant surprise for the users. Each new character can become a man, the long-eared elf, dwarf wealthy and powerful or mysterious stoumenom Kindred. It should immediately be noted that immersion in the gameplay Forsaken World is free, but you still will not be able to avoid registration. Forsaken World Register - a simple, fairly quick process, which does not require much effort from you, but, in turn, will allow you to feel the amazing game world. Making his first, tentative steps in the game world Forsaken World, not to lose sight of a whole new level of graphic design, as compared to other games that have become obsolete. Excellent detail and drawing areas, landscapes that captivate brightness, saturation and variety of colors. These distinctive features make the game project called Forsaken World competitive in the world market of computer products. The developers of the game world have decided to use a standard control that coveted broad user audience. The movement of the hero is using keystrokes WASD, attack conducted by simultaneously using the keyboard and mouse. Very pleased with the automatic movement to the place specified by the user on the map. Other standards of the genre programmers decided to leave intact. Certainly Forseyken WORLD done on the workpiece. There is no practical or anything nrevolyutsionnogo, but the game was done qualitatively, it has no serious errors and omissions. It can be argued that the updated version of Forsaken World players will appreciate our very generation.
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