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Game Gaymsha - multiplayer online strategy game. You are: Alpha or Beta? show a detailed description of Game Gaymsha - multiplayer online strategy game. You are: Alpha or Beta? Elect their own way of life and become a brand new person in the open world game Geymsha! Do not Forget to make sure your computer meets the system requirements for the smallest such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Join in a game Gaymsha will not take a lot of time and does not cause difficulties: On the main page, pick up the item "Registration"; Enter the username; Enter the e-mail; Enter the password is not dangerous and repeat it twice; Pick a hero and the floor kind of behavior; Enter the code from the illustration; Choose the option "find life"; Use the activation code that you have had an e-mail. Gaymsha registration is complete and you find a man born anew in a virtual life! It's the memory that you came to this point, even though you already experienced, as if lived for many years. The game Gaymsha online represent different industry sectors. You have one life choices - when registering you elect kind of behavior - Beta or Alpha. Alpha means moving forward. Conditions in the game Gaymsha online to achieve the desired result type of player different: he is given the opportunity to do your own business, get a job. Beta means provisioning and support, this character will directly expose the shoulder and podsoblyaet Alpha when you play the game Gaymsha. The players Beta main feature are the "domestic affairs", the need to ensure players the highest performance coefficients of life, for the following reasons of these characteristics is dependent on the quality of life and the Alpha Team. Gender does not play a weighty role in Gaymsha online, and marriages including and have every chance to be the same sex. Alpha assigned the role to bring money and feed the family, although the Beta also have a good chance to make money. The main objective of Beta players in the game is Geymsha support alpha (see the state of well-being and clothing fit to feed, because all this has a big impact on gaming performance), though in fact they have every chance to bring the benefits and family. It then repeats the view expressed by the bonuses that players receive a beta for the near familiarity with the worker in the company Gaymsha online. Higher than your level in the management hierarchy, the more discount will be. Play Gaymsha exciting, because the game is a competition between large organizations over the possession of the market of services, it is the financial struggle with depressed prices and bad employees. abotnikami. Work assignments will be sent to players in the alpha-game Gaymsha as Notifications and similar proclamation be sent to the post office, it is very comfortable to control the game in the absence of constant available online, that is possible to go to the post office and do the job. In Gaymsha will need to play simple scheme: Alpha receives funding acts, some of the costs themselves, part gives the Bethe-player, the remaining funds shall pay the service organizations. Here is a graph extremely comfortable profit / loss, which gives reliable information, the character acts in the game Geymsha minus itself or whether a positive balance. Similar information can help to instantly change the company that services the player or replace work being poorly paid. In the game Geymsha character's life cut. This may affect lifestyle, something it shortens and extends anything. Do not neglect that when your hero Gaymsha online approaching death, he was given the opportunity to throw a will, where he is obliged to show who and what will get (possibly as they say not to leave anything to anyone) shares in companies and funds. Game Gaymsha - very interesting strategic game online where anyone can live life in a new way, to establish their own rules and laws, develop the industry, to build a family and stuff!
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