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Alternative names: Living After War, Life after war

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Game L. A. W. online - hitting fantaziiyu extraordinary action with components of strategy. Distribution model toys - free of charge and is L. A. W. online to a group of client games. show a detailed description of Game L. A. W. online - hitting fantaziiyu extraordinary action with components of strategy. Distribution model toys - free of charge and is L. A. W. online to a group of client games. Time exposure - a future that is uncertain and there looks awesome. Supplied to the players post-nuclear world, as is impossible to find out the current episode of the terrible disasters Territory. The plane of the planet covered with ruins, and about Brawler battle between the surviving inhabitants, who were made to mutate and those who looked for salvation in space, though still returned to their homeland. Adapted to the extreme conditions of fresh people took wandering as strangers and traitors, because they believe firmly that it was impossible to escape. Although the spacecraft "The next day," after a long 200 years since landing on the hard ground-based, and descended from it, people are not going to retreat. Too little of what the situation is already quite time consuming, so it is complicated by the intervention of a third civilization - Shamak. Its followers erect illusion that will be able to enslave other people and feel like owners. The resulting conflict is gaining momentum, the war hard to slow down, although in this case to make its own contribution has any chance though. Move into the virtual space and a head rush to interesting activities can help L. A. W. registration. Later that you are authorized, by writing in the correct line of the address and email password, expert installation will tell what to do further. Join in the game L. A. W. allows to download and install the client, so then there are no problems of vorachivatsya initiated closer to the point. Needed for gameplay explicit system of claims, in consequence, find out the suitability of PC such characteristics: the operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7, Core 2 Duo, 2. 5 Ghz; video Core 2 Duo, 2. 5 Ghz; HDD 4GB and 1GB of RAM. Stepping into the unknown for the first time before the world, you have to choose and join one of the warring factions. Although the matter of person you either NAC army troubles not valid. Wishing you hardly Siim scare, times have since you started playing L. A. W. In consequence prytche elects class, profession, and arm and attached to the series of strong armies. No matter who you are, in the division will play their own special role and considered indispensable. Since any class of its own functions well and in harmony with them, and abilities. The soldiers are addicted to the final not to leave the field and ready to fight to the death to stand for personal friends. Their endurance and perseverance DiVita and tough will noble reverence. Main weapon fighters - two-handed swords and rifles. Besides all this, they should be managed as a languid armor. The next class - Ghosts. This is extremely dodgy and evasion creatures who worship work secretly and unpredictably. They are nimble, ruthless, able to apply maneuvers and excellent in terms of brain-fogging rivals. A final class of easily accessible - Psionics. Their forte - this chernoknizhnichenstvo and curses. They are a rare gift - to influence those around the power of a thought - not a lack of reasons terrifies including the strongest foes. Who's not to be destroyed struhnet ruthless fire, severe cold or electric shocks? A Psionics, they can do this is unsurpassed! Well, you see, any own advantages. As they say, is rather than boast. And that decide to play a game in L. A. W. - A matter of taste. The most famous case for action - collecting the necessary gizmos and competition for resources, regional character and fight large-scale battles between clans, epic raids, a large number of military tasks, multi-mission, the construction of equipment. In short, Living After War game gives a vigorous, intense, rich dramatic episodes life. Besides all this, every day, you will improve your military skill, the ability to pump. While it is possible to develop immediately a few instructions. For example, the master database ownership of ground equipment and dive into the airborne wisdom. L. A. W game - means to regain their place in the sun, its own legitimate piece of land where you can feel like a master. Will be a much better time combining their efforts with other players, as both competitors have a chance to perform real people, not only unfortunate synthetic intelligence. As soon as you prefer all unusual, unsafe and attract, and would like to live the life to come, albeit virtually, the L. A. W fun inevitably require you to taste. Try it for yourself and make this!
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