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MUSHROOM HUNT online - this is a realistic multiplayer browser exciting project. You feel like an expert in this field. show a detailed description of MUSHROOM HUNT online - this is a realistic multiplayer browser exciting project. You feel like an expert in this field. You will have the opportunity to use multiple options (mushrooms, books, baskets, knife, change the type of mushroom, and more and exciting). Every day you will participate in the rankings tournaments and competitions and, of course, to fight for a better place. You will be visiting a variety of woods with beautiful and realistic landscapes for production of unique and rare species of fungi, and more. Also in this exciting multi-user project play, players from all over the world and of different age groups with whom you will constantly fight. Try it and see for yourself. First you need to make sure that your PC supports the following basic criteria: Operating System: Windows7 XP Windows, Vista Processor: IntelPentium 4 2. Hard Drive: 3 GOn of free space; Memory: 2GV and more; Video Card: nVidiaGeForce 6; Video Memory: ot250 MW minimum; Sound Card: combined with the operating system; If you find that the above mentioned parameters of your PC support, you will not have problems MUSHROOM HUNT play. MUSHROOM HUNT registration is a very fast process that takes only a few seconds. You report e-mail address, and then get an email to activate your account by filling the field giving the name of your character name and password. After that, you will immediately find yourself in a wonderful and beautiful world. The essence of the game: MUSHROOM HUNT game will amaze you with its varieties of mushrooms there are about 50, and of course you will learn and see the kinds of fungi that do not when you have not seen and it is very interested and amaze. The diversity of forest about 15 of them are here you will be delighted with the excellent graphics and exciting realistic landscape. You will have a base on the territory, which is the house where you will be staying. And the store where you purchase everything you need to collect mushrooms. In the shop you can buy, "weather station" accelerates the growth of fungi in the forest and increases the amount. The more mushrooms, the more your earnings and participation in tournaments, and experience. 'Knife' helps you more points and earn bonuses. "Clothes mushroom picker also gives you a bonus earnings. "Shrub" will help you to clear the area and collect those mushrooms, you do not see from the plants. "House" is as you can to help you through the great achievements and victories acquire different properties. "Basket" - here is their diversity, and for a certain amount of mushrooms. With each mileage level is increasing and you can increase their trophies. Game On mushrooms will fascinate you with every second online. You are a unique type of mushroom gathering, can participate in various tournaments to earn money and get prizes not forgotten. If you do not want to sell their trophies you can feel as a cook and prepare meals of mushrooms. See for yourself by doing play MUSHROOM HUNT very interesting. To sum up: You're not leaving the house, take a break and get a feel and not to forget a lot of fun. Large selection of different forest glades and spectacular beauty will not leave you indifferent. Huge and not the usual selection of mushrooms. You'll compete with players from all over the world taking part in the ratings, tournaments, and various competitions. Earn, win, prove that you are the best in the game Nagrzyby. Good luck to you!
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