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A little-known campaign Gamovation decided on a very interesting experiment. show a detailed description of A little-known campaign Gamovation decided on a very interesting experiment. Their online game Moya Mafia is a multipurpose text service to create his own personal game. But have in mind is not the creation of any game, namely in the universe of the Mafia. Do not let that deter. To create a project does not require special knowledge in the field of logistics and programming. Suffice it to register. In Moya Mafia-registration is the usual filling data in the form of a login and password, but also, under "name of the game." It is with the passage of registration, you create a private game. After registration, you are given a personal link with your project. My game Mafia gives you every right to the possession of his project. You are a full administrator of the game. Personally, set the rules and settings, are responsible for the maintenance and themselves release a different kind of update for their game. Play the game online Moya Mafia is not difficult. This project has no gameplay at all. All commands, actions, and various options presented in the form of textual information. By creating a game, you will need to try different implementations of conditions and actions to attract people to your game. And in fact, you're just going to create its area of ​​influence of the mafia. Under your control may be different technique: cars, planes, helicopters, yachts and boats. You can buy various buildings, hospitals, factories, etc. In general, the features in this game very much. But if you have no desire to create a mafia-game, you can create a project of any other player. And there, in the role of a newbie trying to achieve the reputation and respect among the same as you and become a mafia don of all to set their own personal rules. In this scenario, you create a character, you can edit its appearance, set the parameters, and further improve its parameters, performing various tasks mafia or visiting special institutions for this purpose. For example, visit a boxing gym, you can improve the strength in his character. Play Moya Mafia, is to have an opportunity to earn. The game provides the possibility of earning real money depending on the game. For example, you can trade credits for real money, setting its course. Play roulette for real money, as well as receive income from sales on the exchange. Sounds quite promising, but in order to achieve complete success in such a plan, you need to try a lot because reigns around a lot of competitors. In fact Moya Mafia online is a common browser-based entertainment. Like other projects of this type, it will not require much of your time. And control it, it will be possible only with the help of a mouse. This makes it possible to Moya Mafia play virtually any computer, anywhere.
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