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My Fantastic Park game gives you the opportunity to realize his childhood dream, to model and arrange their own amusement park. show a detailed description of My Fantastic Park game gives you the opportunity to realize his childhood dream, to model and arrange their own amusement park. Speaking as a free browser-based online game, it will be able to meet all your needs in an online game, because it is not only a great, bright graphics, but also a lot of attractions. The goal - to create a joyous mood, not only for you but also for visitors to your park. Start playing the game online My Fantastic Park is easy. But to become a director of a successful theme park - a task that not everyone can be easily solved. Your way up the career ladder you start from scratch. Deserted, desolate place that you have to turn into an oasis of fun and joy for the visitors and will become a park. But in order to delve into his childhood dream, the registration of the game My Fantastic Park you will certainly need. For those who have registered on Twitter, through the process of registration is not necessary, you can start playing straight through your account on a social network. And all the rest, you have a quick registration, consisting of fill three fields: name, password, and email address. Once in the game My Fantastic Park registration passed, you can safely proceed to the realization of all their ideas. But for all the ideas, of course, requires resources. In order to place a fleet of dynamometer, a puppet theater, children's carousel, the room of distorting mirrors, and a playground for fun, you'll need four kinds of raw materials: • construction materials; • Spare parts; • The idea; • Nature. If you thought that the game My Fantastic Park is easy and commonplace, do not rush. The catch is that most rare material for the construction of a building material, and in fact it is used in the construction of nearly every attraction. In My Fantastic Park you can play forever, you will always offer more and more tasks (quests). But for better orientation in the game at the start you have to pass your first job as a director - director of the park rides. A professional in the field of entertainment Ilona Vetrova give you first major order in your career. Hanging out and playing My Fantastic Park - certainly an exciting process, from which you will get enormous pleasure. You'll have to watch not only the resources you have at your disposal, but also the mood of the visitors. Some rides going. In order to play my amusement park caught you completely and permanently, your financial savings to continue to grow, because they are the main resource. Without park-dollars, you can not build up a fleet of new facilities, and it not only rides. The loyalty of users also affects the environment, cleanliness and convenience of your fleet to travel. Respect your visitors, closely following the mood and lift it up, try to intelligently plan your park, watch the finances and then the game will be the amusement park for a long time your "board game."
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