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OhMyDollz game is a social community. The game is entirely devoted to social status and fashion. show a detailed description of OhMyDollz game is a social community. The game is entirely devoted to social status and fashion. The developer of the game is the community Feerik. com specializes in trendy tendente. The game is designed as it is for girls and for boys. Dollhouse game represents an opportunity to get own doll (those are the main characters of the game) and home to the doll. During the game you need to furnish your home with style and fashion to match or just in their own taste. The range of games available thousands of different elements of the interior. During the game you will earn money by performing various quests in the same money you can get if you win at a fashion show and the interior. It is also possible to get a pet. OhMyDollz online - this is a game of status and social presence, and hence it is tied to the social network. As the game came from the developers of the United States, the main social network is Facebook. It is through this social network, you can take part in various competitions in the interior of your home and fashion your character. Also all his achievements can be spread in a tape of social networks. Join in a game OhMyDollz passes in one stage - is binding. To register, you just need to have an account on Facebook and everything. Next, you enter the community of the game and it can go into your account using your social network. So in OhMyDollz registration is instantly. Play the game for OhMyDollz have a character that you create yourself. To configure the appearance of the character, you can recreate your copy, however, painted, but it is also very interesting. As well, depending on the account of the social network of sex, and you'll be playing as a character of your gender (male or female). Separation of the characters in the game on the floor is not done by accident. This project provides for the wedding between the characters. It is carried out after the consent of the people of different sexes. But before the wedding, there are different dates, etc. Play OhMyDollz recommended to fans of Sims. It is this game will make you remember a series of life simulation. True difference is that the work here is not necessary. Just without the knowledge of English in OhMyDollz will have to play very hard, this is due to a huge audience of fans abroad.
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