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Game Panzar - is a team multiplayer game, made in the genre of action. Accordingly, the main thing in the game is to have a coordinated team work well together show a detailed description of Game Panzar - is a team multiplayer game, made in the genre of action. Accordingly, the main thing in the game is to have a coordinated team work well together. Probably. The game should be attributed to the MMO-Action with role-playing, while a certain resemblance to the MMORPG is. If you start to play the game Panzar, you will find a wonderful world of sword fights using magic. Fierce battles and sophisticated spells will lead you to victory. On the most beautiful landscapes are fighting four races: dwarves, orcs, elves and humans. Panzar game only team to play in it alone can not. The game is played only the actual participants, so you may well find themselves in the present, not the virtual battle. It is planned that in the future, and the game will be a springboard for the battles with monsters. Join in a game Panzar is fast and easy. First you need to create an account, which is required to complete the standard fields: email address and password. Then an e-mail comes a link to activate your account, and that in the Panzar registration is completed. You can download the game and start playing. During the game you will fight, getting not only experience, but also money. But in moments of rest your character will acquire new skills and to earn money to improve their service. As the above-mentioned four races generally fall into two classes each, all the characters in the game there are 8 different classes. Classes of people - Inquisitor and Paladin, Elf - Witch and Sorceress, orcs - Berserker with tanks, gnomes - Mines and Technology. Accordingly, each character have a role that allows you to organize the game. Orc Berserker is fighting on the front line, dealing with remote Sister Fire fighting. If you like to support people to choose their class Palladin. He is not a leader in the battle, but it has the power to support the orcs, which gives them the resilience and the ability to live in a fight much longer. Tactics advise you to choose a dwarf gunner. He builds tools so, to achieve benefits for the team not in battle, and on the map, which is also important. You can always choose the one character who is in the game Panzar line closest to you in spirit and occupation. In this case, developing various inclinations, you can try yourself in the role of several characters in turn. And then you will be able to decide on the character, the role of which would go through the whole game, improving and enriching it. Panzar can play for free when you install the game as no funds would be required. Money will only need to purchase additional bonuses throughout the game: to get a premium account for purchase in-game store, and so etc. And you can spend as game currency and real money. In Panzar Anyone can play, the system picks up right for you on the intellectual level of the partner. Teams are formed from players who right now are willing to participate in the game. The determining factor is the level of the player and his class, and the availability of compatible teammates. The game has several game modes that are different conditions and the storyline. Each game mode has its own attached map, and a variety of tasks, which are to be solved within the mode you are playing.
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