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Game Remanum - free browser-based multiplayer strategy game with an economic bias. show a detailed description of Game Remanum - free browser-based multiplayer strategy game with an economic bias. Huge virtual world from the company Travian Games, in which players have to establish trade relations. You are transported back to the ancient world, will get start-up capital and choose one of the four cities. You can then deploy and violent activities. Ability to establish diplomatic ties are very useful to you, because the more successful each subsequent trade transaction, the faster development of your character. As many as 20 towns granted to merchants to turn the successful operation and the rich. Your partners may be people from all over the world. Conquer the world market! To carry out your ambitions in online Remanum all conditions! Simple Remanum registration will take you to the fabulous Roman Empire. You will need to fill in a few lines: the account name, email address and a password, which should be repeated in the next field. Next, you must tick the box to confirm that the acceptance of the Terms and do not mind getting interesting news. Now nothing can prevent your cherished dream come true - to earn a money bag! Remanum can play even if the computer meets the average parameters, and the connection to the Internet is no different at high speed. So enjoy - it is your legal right! The newcomer trader has available several empty sites. They are used for the construction of the first buildings. Lift facilities to produce as many goods. For example, build the farm animals, blacksmith shops, and textile factories. All the variety, which will be able to produce will become put up for sale. And, if your business does well, over time can become a real Emperor. Such a chance comes once every six months. This place is designed for incredibly rich, powerful and self-confident player. Why not try your hand? It is worth mentioning the important point that will please novice users in such a case. Game Remanum arranged so that a novice can compete with the sharks and virtual business vyborot championship, even while surrounded by seasoned gamers. Remanum starting to play, you have the right to choose their own path in life. Can produce consumer goods, such as food, construction materials and supplies or to become head of a vast network of shops. In the workshops made expensive items relating to luxury goods, equipment, clothing. The main thing - hard work and willingness to work, and success comes equally to the owners of various industrial buildings. Strive to improve the objects that had to build, because they are subject to modification. Naturally, this requires a cost, but they are absolutely justified. With the improvements you increase productivity, create new jobs and thus increasing your income. Play the game Remanum - that means constantly striving to improve its reputation. Take in the hometown rightful place under the sun and let the jealous hated rivals. Each city has its citizens, merchants, and the Senate. And the head, which was once a candidate for the post and beat opponents during the next destination. Believe me, to win the coveted title, there is a real chance for everyone. And do not give up if it does not turn out right the first time. Even if you are a merchant and easy your life can be rich and interesting. Your abode - is a major shopping center, is a place where domestic and foreign trade. All trade processes, as well as battles taking place in the political arena, you will be able to participate. Grasp Remanum play, you'll learn about the many clever nuances that help to realize the far-reaching plans. It is not necessary to be a graduate of a steep economic academy to learn the basics of the game. As a beginner you prepodadut first lessons will help you fulfill the initial task, and you quickly get comfortable in uncharted environment. The economic simulation - a great way to practice to trade affairs to bring this knowledge into practice. But if you did not come here for this, but just to have some fun at your leisure - were for the exact location. Soon, you and the ears will not drag on this exciting venture! We can only wish you good mood!
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