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Game Rising Cities - an exciting browser based strategy, which, as they say, and you have to show yourself, and be seen, from the company BigPoint show a detailed description of Game Rising Cities - an exciting browser based strategy, which, as they say, and you have to show yourself, and be seen, from the company BigPoint. Looking only at the title and the slogan game, you can say with certainty that it will be about urban planning simulator. It should be said that this game - not the company's first product, but the developers are able to surprise their fans. Nice to see their favorite brand style and excellent quality. Among the advantages of the game - great graphics, nice and not get bored of image detail and basic elements, convenient system prompts. In addition, the game is pretty well filled - there is almost everything to play was not only comfortable, but also educational. Requirements for the game: 1. Operating system - XP, Vista, 7. 2. Memory - 1 GB. 3. And a video card installed in your PC flash player. 4. Free hard disk space. 5. The presence of a sound card. Join in the game Rising Cities held literally in one touch. On one page (main) player must fill in a few fields. Right after that he can feel like a construction worker, foreman and architect in one person, as he immediately offered to travel back to the site. At the start you will have to meet with Prokhorov Fasadychem (guide for the game), which will provide you all sorts of tips on the game. If the Rising Cities online first you will deal exclusively with the construction of a simple house, but soon all the jobs will be much more difficult. For example, first have to select the type of construction, to construction, to hand over the constructed object under key and be able to settle with him. The authors have provided so much freedom to players, which even allowed to choose the section of the population, which is long and constructed a particular house. Play the game Rising Cities will be interesting for everyone, as even a list of proposed buildings is striking for its diversity. It is not just the standard homes, but production facilities (sawmill, brickworks or farm). After the erection of buildings essential in Rising Cities Online to build infrastructure - shops, roads, parks, beautify the city, and more. If you continue to play Rising Cities, then soon you will need to clear the area around the town and greatly expand it. In the end, to the player can be a huge city, which will have to manage on their own. The authors managed to combine in one game strategic and economic component, as the hero himself will have to spend all trades regarding building materials. If at first all transactions will only apply to wood, wood, tile, etc. etc. , Then later on - food, entertainment, luxury and more. In Rising Cities registration will give you the opportunity to discover all the features of the game that has won millions of fans around the world. Play Rising Cities - it means always getting new jobs, new opportunities and develop their economic, construction and design skills.
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