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Browser MMORPG The Fate of Nation game will allow you to do the story itself. show a detailed description of Browser MMORPG The Fate of Nation game will allow you to do the story itself. You can create your own nation, to develop it, to lead to progress. You will have the settlement, the city and, of course, strong army. Playing in The Fate of Nation Online, you will be able to turn the tide of the familiar stories or repeat the exploits of Alexander the Great. But in order to become the leader of his tribe and lead him to the world of science and technology, you will need to register in the game Fate of the Nation. To register you can go visit the official website of the game. As soon as you go to the site, the system will prompt you through a quick registration, where you will need to fill in all three fields: name, password, and email. For experienced users, the system offers a registration with additional fields where you can choose the name of their city, the color of its flag, the server on which you will be playing and of course the initial installation of the game. Immediately after in The Fate of Nation registration is successfully passed, the initial point of departure in the global world of nations will be your small settlement. In the initial phase, you will be able to pass a small introductory training course that will help you quickly get used in all aspects of gameplay the game. From the first minutes of your board you have to solve all the problems of your settlement. From the beginning to play the game online Fate of the Nation will not be easy, you will be alone on a small piece of card. In order to begin to develop and to your settlement could grow, you need to find new friends, and to do that you have to do the study area. But the study area - it is not the most interesting occupation. In order to open up the territory brought you an income, you need to constantly develop new resources, because without resources can not be an army, much less build up their city. As soon as you find new contacts, you will be able to establish friendly relations between your nation and the nation of another player. Diplomacy is not difficult, but not everyone is given. In Fate of Nation you start to play with the ancient world, improving and developing you output your nation to new levels of development of both science and technology. As to how much time you spend in the game, your zone of influence will expand. Your possessions will be expanded, and they can grow in two ways: the creation of a peaceful and, of course, the hostile takeover. Diplomatic relations are well established in the game, you will be able to enter into treaties of alliance with other players, trading routes between other cities, and maybe the way from the Vikings to the Greeks would be just under your control. Developing the infrastructure in my power, you will be able to strengthen its border, as well as to create a powerful army. But the game Fate of the Nation - is the creation of stories with their own hands. You will not see the historical events that have already occurred, the world is developing very differently. In order to gain an advantage over other players, you need to develop the technology. Technology development is not easy, choosing what to develop, you need to rely on the political situation of your power. If you play in The Fate of Nation as a thought-leader and commander, you will surely be able to become one of those leaders, which leveled every teenager in your empire.
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