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Wartune online - free browser fantastic multiplayer RPG game, allowing a long list of diverse activities. show a detailed description of Wartune online - free browser fantastic multiplayer RPG game, allowing a long list of diverse activities. Here the player is engaged and leveling, and develops its own city, and travels the world, sometimes descending into the dungeon to repeatedly enter into combat with multiple opponents. In the story of the game R2games forces of good struggle with the age-old scourge. You will need to build a strong army capable of winning the crowd of demons. Divine Harp has long needed a hero, who lead the brave soldiers and put in place of the King of Destruction, because of which human resources are on the verge of exhaustion. Consider that the very providence sends you play Wartune in order to save a fantasy world from collapse. Availability of the project will please those who want the hot battles, but does not have at their disposal a PC with powerful options. System requirements are different loyalties, also do not need any additional settings. To try your hand at this grand war, you first have to check the game Wartune. You easily create your account. Start by selecting the appropriate server. Then, enter the user name, email address and password. Is automatically saves the new user, and that you can already start to build character. Wartune game offers three types of characters. Each of them has its own characteristics that it is useful to consider when choosing. Mages are masters of their craft. They always know when and what spell would be most appropriate. With the help of magic as you can successfully heal allies and attack enemies. Knights, as expected, wear heavy armor. And the impressive weight of metal they are not inconvenienced. Their main advantage - the possession of a two-handed weapon and the ability to invoke a safeguard. These brave men and friends when needed and closed down the enemy mercilessly cut in half. Archers are different skill. In addition, they are very clever. Methods of attack archers led many opponents tremble in fear. A sniper talent not just helps them to escape in an emergency. Of course, this is not the whole list of abilities represented classes. However, owning a basic minimum of information, it is possible to define and begin the first task. Play the game Wartune begin with, bail out a lovely lady. Then you instruct one of the cities, and that the economy will develop. The role of the Lord upon you certain responsibilities. For example, the creation and coordination of the army, the construction of all the necessary facilities, the expansion of city boundaries. When you feel ready to do battle, feel free to go out on the field of battle. Wartune online game offers a turn-based battle system, which will have to decide what to put in front of soldiers, and the public in the back row. Of course, in the first row should be the ones who will adequately keep hitting, not allowing the enemy to harm fellow men who are behind them. But the men of the second row to the extent possible support standing in the firing line of friends. In order to fight you were able to complete use of their abilities, try to responsibly improve in soldiers and to create the necessary items. Battles can take place either on the map or in the dungeons. But in any case, victory brings a worthy reward, which makes it possible to grow levels, improve their squads and subordinate to the territory as a whole. It is worth mentioning, Wartune play you will, independently make decisions in which the battles take part. That is, whether to go for the enemy alone (single mode) or enlist the support of other users (team battle). And finally, it is useful to list what exactly you'll be mine, starting to play the game Wartune. Thus, first, experience. It is responsible for the increased levels. Second, the armor that improves the performance of the character. Third, gold - the most feature rich booty. Fourth, the gift to be able to develop the forces and change their specialization. Fifth, kyanite, allowing the academy to study the technology. All of this is earned by honest labor. Well, if there is a real desire to invest, you can still buy himself vouchers. Dear fans of virtual adventure, Wartune registration and full life waiting for you! Do not put off indefinitely, you certainly will like an exciting experience!
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