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If you've played the first version of this game, the second is certainly necessary to you to dushe.Igra XNOVA 2.0kak can be understood from the name - is the continuation of the famous game. show a detailed description of If you've played the first version of this game, the second one for sure you'll be pleased. XNOVA Game 2. 0kak can be understood from the name - is the continuation of the famous game. It is worth noting that in this case, the continuation of nothing inferior predecessor. Yes, it is a revival of your favorite strategy s space! Your journey starts on a completely deserted planet. Do you personally to be out of this god-forsaken place abandoned and make a successful and developed nation. Prepare to be in XNOVA 2. 0 online you will find a constant improvement and development. Willy-nilly, you have to learn how to build a business, financial and economic affairs of the open spaces of the planet. You will find a lot of different stories and adventures. No planet invaded and colonized bude you. You will learn how to negotiate, to unleash war and settle them, whether peacefully or whether a decisive victory in the fighting. In addition you will find an active interaction with all the other players in the game - this "trick" is considered one of the main features of the project. If you have played the previous version of the game, then have to guess what vXNOVA 2. 0 registratsiyabudet also mandatory process. In this game you will be able to log in using their accounts in some social networks, such as FaceBook, mail. ru or classmates. Since the entire game interface is adapted for the Russian-speaking user, with the completed registration form and hints of problems should arise no. To begin the registration process, you will need to follow the link "Register now", which can be found in the center of the playing screen. It will open a registration form, after filling which you can easily begin to XNOVA 2. 0 play. In the first row of the form write the address of the current e-mail box. The next two fields you need to fill in your password which will be used to sign into your personal account, and thus confirming it. Next, select your gender in the system. In order for the administration of the system did not doubt your "humanity", and you quickly started playing the game XNOVA 2. 0 in the following form field enter the proposed project a special verification code. To successfully complete the registration, you will have to agree to all terms and conditions of the project. After filling in all the fields and check them for accuracy, click "Register". When the registration of your email address will receive a letter containing a link to activate your account, on which you will have to go to complete the registration process. After that the screen you will see a form in which the field will need to register your nickname for the game. Ready? Click "Start Game." In the seemingly simple game hidden truly serious tricks. Play XNOVA 2. 0 free, so take your time and you train the military and their political skills!
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