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Affected Zone online - free multiplayer game client fiction genre. This is a virtual world of the future in which there are incomprehensible events. 2025 proved fatal for humanity. It seems that people did with their activities Got Game. show a detailed description of Game review Affected Zone Affected Zone online - free multiplayer game client fiction genre. This is a virtual world of the future in which there are incomprehensible events. 2025 proved fatal for humanity. It seems that people did with their activities Got Game. Acute energy crisis led them to conclude that an urgent need to do something. Exit on the verge of people found in the blue crystals. But bad luck, they are on a parallel planet earth, which is accessed mildly limited. Get into the world called the Zone is not quite easy, but still possible. The value of this parallel planet lies in the fact that it is rich in the very notorious blue crystals. People have to fight with many monsters and mutants that impede penetrate the desirable area. Besides rivalry occurs among people. After all, everyone wants to be the first and more successful than others. Here they are in a heated battle and decide who is more worthy. Affected Zone starting to play, you will take part in all of this. Remember, the main objective to penetrate through the portal of Nikola Tesla in a parallel world and get possessing extraordinary properties of crystals. Get ready, you will find eternal struggle and adventure! Affected Zone registration will take you to the play spaces, and you can immediately begin to implement their plans. Commanding a detachment of mercenaries, you will be able to conquer this world! Do not waste your time and leave on the official website of the application for participation in the game to plunge into the atmosphere of a charming fantasy. All that is needed is to inform email address. When you receive a response from the administration, will be able to download the client Affected Zone Online. Check if the PC system requirements necessary, lest there be unpleasant moments. For gameplay will need the following parameters: Intel Core i3 processor third-generation (1. 33Ggts) or equivalent AMD, video card Intel HD Graphics 4000 or NVidia GeForce GT 440 or AMD Radeon HD 4000 3 GB of RAM. In principle, nothing supernatural. Before you start playing the Affected Zone, you need to create a character. You independently choose its appearance (gender, body type, skin color, age, face) and biography. In addition, you have to decide which of the four corporations will own your commander. Let's take a look at the features available classes. Representatives commando fast, flexible, good scouts feel fine in the fighting in the distance. Fire support - strong, brave, able to be good allies guys. Their power and ability to hold on longer fights are impressive. Heavy infantry is perfect for storming enemy positions. A little slow, but they know how to compensate for their weaknesses. Assault infantry - the most versatile class. Excellent job with the attack and the defense. Join one of the classes and join in their business. Whoever the hero, you have to follow its development. You can pump parameters such as accuracy, range, strength, health, endurance, intelligence, and others. These indicators can be watched in the personal file. Here there is also other important information, namely the combat statistics, awards received, biographical statements. Character development is gradual, but you feel like it surely becoming stronger by the day. Be prepared for any scrapes - that is what the game requires you to Affected Zone. On the strategic map of the world are constant fights and you should be prepared not only physically, but also well armed. Arsenal game is quite rich. While each of the classes of their weapons. So specialization commando - it Sniper, Scout and Miner, fire support - mounted grenade launchers, ATGM, heavy machine guns, heavy infantry - Heavy machine guns, flamethrowers and grenade launchers, drum, infantry assault - assault rifles, light machine guns, grenade launchers. In addition, any weapon to be modified, which means you will be able to improve things belong to you. And another tip, no matter how confident you may have been a better find allies who poderzhat in difficult times. Fight for key areas, along with teammates much more efficient. Do not want to believe in the word, so you better check yourself! Having tried once play this offbeat game, you do not want to permanently give up this occupation. Let meet your expectations!
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