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Game Arcane Saga - is a browser fantasy MMORPG game. show a detailed description of Game Arcane Saga - is a browser fantasy MMORPG game. In the spring of 2013 it was launched in closed beta. It should be noted that the game Arcane Saga Online is based on the previously closed the game Prius Online. Prius base game about three years developed and brought to perfection specialists. The result was the looming game with gorgeous beauty and diversity of scenery. Then for that many gamers like Prius Online - striking, colorful, wonderfully diverse world experience. Each of the four races and six classes, lives in the original area with a magnificent landscape, bright, juicy colors. And no matter what it is: Does this tropical jungle overlooking the sea, where they live or Lon ancient forest and marshes inhabited by minstrels Beriah. In light of renovation project developers have decided to fully recycle system combos. In the new version, it should include more than three hundred buffs and skills. It is also planned to shift the gameplay side of brutal battle with a real enemy. Currently we know that to play the game Arcane Saga will be from two types of servers: the battle with a real enemy and the battle between the player and artificial intelligence. An important distinctive feature of this project is a huge number of specializations. A positive feature is also a fact that these specializations can be easily selected at almost any time. Some of these specializations allow you to perform a role: tank, healer, dps and so on. In the presence of specialization have also programmed for specific situations. This can be a solo or corporate game, or even PvP. When you start to play Arcane Saga, it turns out that your hero has lost his memory. And now you have to help him regain his memories. In it you will be helping two creatures - giant girl Anima and Gigas, you can control as well as the main character. To create the main character you will be offered a choice of four races: • Hume, • Ayin, • Lon, • Beriah, and six classes. Specialty here docked with specific race and gender. So if you're a girl, you will approach the archer profession, as this woman of the race Lon, and if need be masculine character, will need to play a mage class of Occultist. Making basis, you will need to take care about the choice of his companion on the game - the anima, picking up her demeanor, traits and appearance. And passing the tenth level of character development, you will find his girlfriend anime. In the game this character is a real person. Anima has its own character, mood and unique abilities. Anima from the game very much depends: in her responsibilities include everything related to the production system in the game. She even assigned the role of collecting resources. Coming thirtieth level, you get a third character. This is a huge robot - Gigas of immense destructive power and therefore indispensable in the wars in group hikes through the dungeons and battle with a real enemy in the Coliseum. The game Arcane Saga registration is possible after you submit your application to participate in the beta Arcane Saga for free on the official game site http://www. netmarble. com /.
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