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Armades game is a free browser-based online game. You will plunge into a world that is full of maritime adventure. show a detailed description of Armades Armades game is a free browser-based online game. You will plunge into a world that is full of maritime adventure. The game Armades registration submitted in Russian, so you have no difficulty should arise. To register you must complete the following steps: 1) Find the site of the game Armades, using for the search, any well-known search engine on the Internet. 2) On the main page you will see a flickering message "Sign! Click it. You will get the registration form. 3) In the first line you need to enter your e-mail (e-mail). 4) Then you need to enter your username (your name). It must be absolutely unique. 5) Then enter the password. It should consist of six to sixteen characters. 6) After that, choose your nation. To find out information about her need to move the mouse cursor to its name. 7) Come up with the name of the island, and enter it. 8) Then read the rules of the game, if you agree with all the terms, then check the item by clicking on the white box next to the item. 9) And finally click on "Register". Play the game online Armades can only registered users who have a computer at least average power, but the Internet connection needs to be high speed, because this game is a browser. In the online game play Armades you'll be on the side of one of the three nations: 1) England - this nation is the fastest growing, but in battle they are weaker than other nations. 2) France - their battle fleet is very fast, but the construction of the necessary facilities is quite expensive. 3) Spain - Fleet of the nation is very powerful, but its cost is rather high. However, protection of the Spaniards rather weak. 4) Pirates - they are in love with rum and hiking. They can build their settlements on some of the islands. 5) The Guild of Free Traders - their goal is to trade and trade again. And they may neglect diplomatic terms, in order to make a profit. The game Armades online, you can have such ships: 1) Sloop - this is the easiest warship. 2) Bark is the smallest warship. 3) Caravelle - a ship, in spite of his destiny, is used for other military purposes. 4) Brig is the fastest ship. This ship strong arms. 5) The flute is a ship that is designed for defense. 6) Corvette is a powerful vehicle that is designed for offensive operations. 7) Galleon is a powerful vehicle for armament, but with respect to other parameters is very much inferior to the other ships. 8) frigate is a large ship and is surprisingly very fast and maneuverable. 9) Battleship - a very large and powerful ship. 10) Ordination - it maneuverable ship. 11) Colonist - the ship with a big defense. 12) Pinas is big enough and powerful ship with a large cargo hold. 13) Brigantine - it's easy to ship, but enough armed. 14) Schooner - the most common ship of pirates. Armades free game will bring you lots of fun.
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