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Game Assault Fire - is a free browser game, for an unlimited number of users show a detailed description of Game Assault Fire - is a free browser game, for an unlimited number of users. Assault Fire - this is a fantastic online shooter, which was developed by Tencent Games, and they will all events in the game occur in the future. Of all people, and experts from Tencent Games able to spin the story so that any online gamer from stunning adventure head will spin. After all, according to the authors of players enter the draft in 2018, which unfolds a war between two opposing sides GSDU Resistance and the Midwest. Realistic graphics and dynamic picture captures its quality thanks the Unreal 3 Engine. Beginning in Assault Fire play, you will have only one pair of characters, representatives of the warring parties. But after some time, you can purchase for yourself new soldiers in a specialty store. Together with his men you will experience great event to experience an unprecedented surge of emotions and conduct your stay most enjoyable way! In order to log into the game, as in most browser-based online games, Assault Fire registration is also necessary. To register, you should visit the official website http://assaultfire. uol. com. br / # 1 and fill out a form. Once registered, you will be able to join the fighting, selecting those modes that are most attractive to you. And play the game Assault Fire can be in three modes: battle against computer bots and according to tasks set by the storyline, scale battle on the Midwest, with the participation of several thousand simultaneous players extraordinary battles with the various rules and unusual situations. Let's try to find out who it is fighting all these battles. One side - GSDU resistance - the military is an upscale, first-class universal soldiers. Such super-heroes like Jason, Ivan, Max able to perform any task that they are easily dealt with though how riot. The other side - it rebels who absolutely do not agree with the rules of mega-corporations. The driver, Lee and Dell are among the best fighters. Weapons, uniforms and technology they have stolen. But they need to be like that and fight against arbitrariness megacorporations. Regarding the development of the characters, all of them can acquire and develop skills. And what a lot of skills has character - the considerable advantages. For example, Crank, Invisibility, Quick change, regeneration, healing magic - here are some skills from a huge list of possibilities. Should be closely monitored for the development of their characters to cope with the various tasks that exist in the Assault Fire online. A job can be so: daily quests, mission ranking clan missions. It should be remembered that it will be much easier to deal with any tests, if you can join the clan. More should also talk about the places where the events unfold. The game world consists of a plurality of locations. They are open to you as you progress through the gameplay. Do not waste time, start playing Assault Fire free and let your luck
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