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Avalon Heroes Online - Free client game in which the player can prove himself as a strategist, which is characterized by a combination RTS, and RPG genres. show a detailed description of Avalon Heroes Online - Free client game in which the player can prove himself as a strategist, which is characterized by a combination RTS, and RPG genres. Its creator is a company alaplaya. This project will give you a lot of adventures and events, and also give a lot of positive emotions. The player will have a different kind of battle and the battle not only with terrifying monsters, but also with the other players. The highlight of this game are the extraordinary battle groups and one-on-one battle with the players. You will need to create your character and go the way of its improvement and development that he will get well-deserved title of champion, will accumulate a lot of savings, for which you can acquire a lot of useful and meaningful things. Avalon Heroes players will play from the initial class of soon you will have the opportunity to become a kind of better than a warrior. Imperial Royal Guard - this is the highest class, which seeks a hero, but you need to make the necessary efforts and take advantage of their wisdom and tactical moves. Plunge into the virtual world of this project you can thanks to Avalon Heroes registration. When an account is created, download the game client. The very same check-in will take a lot of time and effort to do this you need to vego-navsego: - Specify the username; - Enter the password, and then repeat it; - E-mail address, repeat this address; - Specify the date of your birth; - Fill in the "sex"; - Specify your country. - Noted in a specific row, how did you get information about this game. The final step of registration - is the need to note that you are familiar with the rules of the project and took them. Avalon Heroes online you will be able to start the computer with the following parameters: - OS - Windows 2000 / XP / Vista; - P3 800 Mhz processor; - 32 Mb3D video; - Compatible with DirectX - 9. 0 c; - 512 Mb - RAM; - 1 GB of free space on your hard disk. Play Avalon Heroes you will be in the midst of war and at the hottest point of it, which will be between the Oriens, and Aeonia. The player must take a place among the members of one of the two factions. This game gives you such modes: - Battle Mode (Battle) - required when the battle at the same time a lot of players, it's the battle of warring parties; - Arena Mode (Arena) - for the true heroes in the battle on the cards, arenas; - Adventure Mode (Adventure) - a war against the bosses and the eight players who can use tactics; - Lobby - This mode provides a character move through the area and collect information about the proposals of other players; - Plaza Mode (Area) - a place where the player can rest and take a breath, and create new alliances, renew uniform, poobschatsya teammates. It should also be noted that a separate regime characterized by its own tactical part, so I have to move my little brain cells, good luck! Game Avalon Heroes will reveal you the extraordinary ability of a warrior, and you will experience in the role of a brave fighter who will stop before the difficulties on the way to the goal and glory. The player will be given access to the precious objects, artifacts, combat uniforms and special equipment, the main thing to find it at your disposal. A fascinating story, unusual adventures and lots of delicious positive emotions await you. Do not be afraid to explore a new world! Good luck to you!
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