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Alternative names: Avatars, online game avatars, the era of chaos

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Good day to all fans and admirers of online browser games. Today we look at one of the online games, actions that occur in real time - ie player involved in it to the maximum. show a detailed description of Good day to all fans and admirers of online browser games.Today we look at one of the online games, actions that occur in real-time - ieisplayer involved in it to the maximum.And here we go.The title of the game - online game "Avatar: The era of chaos."If anyone thinks that this game is somehow connected with the famous movie Avatar, he is deeply mistaken - this game was created back in 2007, when the film is also in the project was not.This online game requires a player to a minimum of logical thinking and the proportion of free time to more or less understand the game.Join the game "Avatar: The Age of Chaos" is done in two stages.The first phase - completion of registration data.The second stage - the setting of the character.In the setting of the character includes: choice of race (human, elf, dwarf, orc, demon, troll and Dana), the distribution of characteristics (strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, will, and endurance) and selection skills (list and description can be found in the help section or on the page setup).After the setting of the character he is on the central square of the city of big mosquitoes in a training bout.This fight shows what may be the character in the future, as well as game bestiary and its possibilities.Look carefully for clues in game chat and on the battlefield - they can be useful if you can not find out for yourself.After the end of the test battle can look around and explore the city.You can do this on their own, moving from location to location, or completing tasks character Elika, which for each completed task will reward your experience and silver (to get them, you can activate the crystals in the backpack character).Perform all tasks Elika, a character can easily reach level 8, which is enough to dress your character and begin to independently perform more complex tasks, issued in residential buildings of the city.The city itself is divided into four locations: Central Square, a residential area, the area guilds and cemetery.In each area there are facilities where you can buy things, guns, religion and to receive medical treatment, and spend your time playing mageks (puzzle game).Selected under the registration race can pick up and swing.So, for example, race suit Dana swinging magician with dark magic skills and summoner.In fact it is one of the easiest raskachek under which the user can easily carry out quests and still have free time to communicate)).In addition to these options have the option of a warrior, archer, mage light, magic, mind, magic elements and Clover.Often, too, there are magicians who have studied several of magic and successfully use them.After the initial quests you can go on to more complex.Of weight in the game.There is a one-time quests, and reusable, you can perform at intervals of a few minutes to several days.When a character reaches all major levels, then it also new jobs.Upon reaching level 50 in the game you can try to pass the ritual of reincarnation and get one of the better races, so-called higher forms: Vampire Golem Berserker, Giant Angel Leach Torre, Ghost, Efreet, Jinnah (depending on the race of the character).These races have additional bonuses that help the character in gameplay.For those who do not want long tormented and develop their own character in the game there are so-called system of donation, thatisthe player can buy for real money game currency.For that currency can buy better set of clothes and weapons, artifacts, a religion and clans.And so, those who have decided to test their strength and their thinking registering and play.Best of luck!
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