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Battlefield Heroes online - is a browser online game that can be considered the equivalent of a long-known to all the game Battlefield, but with funny cartoon characters and equipment. show a detailed description of Battlefield Heroes online - is a browser online game that can be considered the equivalent of a long-known to all the game Battlefield, but with funny cartoon characters and equipment. Animated graphics of the game in no way affects the general opinion, on the contrary, get a great picture, with carefully traced details. Like any other game of this genre, the game Battlefield Heroes implies a leveling of players and participate in endless and exciting battles. By huge regret, online game Battlefield Heroes has not yet been translated into Russian, but for quite a normal game, the lack of native language is not a hindrance. It should also be noted that the weather in the game goes on. While playing you can see the snow and sun. You will not have long to find where to download Battlefield Heroes game client, as the game is distributed free on the Internet. To start the game, you need to be registered. Registration Battlefield Heroes follows this, go to the official Battlefield Heroes website and fill out easily and quickly registration form by entering the required information. In Battlefield Heroes play extremely interesting, especially for its unique geypley. The first thing you have to do when you start playing, it's the right choice the party for whom you play. All in the game there are two: the Allies and the Germans. Oddly enough, the game does not contain Russian, given that all the action takes place during World War II. You have the opportunity to create a single account to 3 soldiers, each of which may be unique, because in the game there are three types of units: the sniper, machine gunner, machine gunner. It is logical that the sniper has this weapon as a rifle. He can become invisible and attack their enemies from behind with a knife. Heavy in both equipment was issued gun with 110 rounds of ammunition clip. Very strong in melee, as it can make their enemies almost in a sieve. Except submachine gun ownership, can still use the first aid kit and heal yourself and the team, which is essential in the fight. Easily create various soldiers and take that unit that you need to fight at the moment. Also, each soldier can be pumped, and for every new two-level, your character will get a new skill. In Battlefield Heroes weapon is quite diverse, and the most interesting thing is that in addition to firearms in the game there are tanks, jeeps, other equipment and even airplanes. When you're driving a tank, then the rifles and machine guns you uneasy, but the danger is that you will undermine through mines, rocket launchers, grenades and other explosive weapons, but in spite of all the tanks are very effective in combat. But by law, the most dangerous weapon in the game are considered aircraft, which if handled adroitly, could smash to smithereens the tank or well to dive and deliver a fatal blow to the fleeing headlong soldier. If you found some remote places, then by plane you can safely reach the desired place and you jump with a parachute. In Battlefield Heroes online play does not bore, because you have to play with other real players. The game has a special shop where you can buy a new outfit for your character. In general, turned out pretty entertaining, interesting, and most importantly, an exciting game. The truth can sometimes put out, such as when a team exceeds your enemy in number, and some very smart, investing real money and provide all their comrades kits. Even once in this situation, do not despair, on the contrary, you have a chance, if properly crafted tactics to score points a lot more than the opposing team.
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