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Playing Black Fire - an interesting multiplayer online shooter with an original story, a large selection of available modes and very beautiful realistic graphics. show a detailed description of Game review BlackFire. Playing Black Fire - an interesting multiplayer online shooter with an original story, a large selection of available modes and very beautiful realistic graphics. The game takes place in the not-too-distant future. Black Fire online plot takes us to 2034, which was fatal to mankind. This year was created the first molecular computer. The company Nanosystems, which he invented, has received a lot of investment from the powers that be, as the prospects were pretty good. The production of new molecular computers has become widespread. Representatives of the company Nanosystems, not wishing to go on to continued development ... However, further studies have not been as successful as expected by investors, and as a result many of the participants wished to leave the project. The situation did not save even the latest invention Nanosystems, nanarobot «Black Fire», which is implanted in the human brain, controlling his nervous system. Over time, it turned out that these people become zombies who obey the signals from the Nanosystems. The discontent of investors reached a critical point, while the corporation Nanosystems, on the contrary, grew bolder and decided to take power into their own hands. Completely insolent company had captured an island called New Caledonia and proclaimed it an independent state. A struggle began and Nanosystems meanwhile ceased to respond to any signals sent from outside. It is likely that this situation will drag on for years and no one knows what it's over. And only when I started to play BlackFire, you will learn about the future of mankind. In order to fully enjoy the game, your computer must meet the minimum system requirements: - Operatingsystem Windows XP with Service Package 3, Vista, Windows 7; - Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz; - Video card NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT (must support Shader Model 3. - Compatible with DirectX 9. 0 sound card; - 2GB of hard disk space and 2 GB of RAM. In order to enter into the world of games, Black Fire registration required. We need to create an account. This occurs as follows: - Enter username; - Enter e-mail address; - Thought out, and then repeated in the next line of the password; - Stated the answer to a simple example. The default is to subscribe to the newsletter. It should be remembered that the registration of the game BlackFire implies that you fully agree with the rules of the project. Becoming a legitimate user of this game, you will discover an unforgettable world! In order to successfully play the game BlackFire, we first need to understand its details. So, there are zombies - mutants, carriers of the virus, coming from the company Nanosystems. These create weak-willed and fully obey their masters. Only a few of them have kept basic intelligence, but will only become more dangerous. In the game you can find several varieties of zombies - is a zombie, "Karasik", "Sick", "Bobby" and soldiers "Flint", "lighter", "drone", "Servant", "Shilka". There is a fighting machine BELLOWS, intended to destroy the enemies. This battle robot fighting on the ground and in the air, sometimes medium, light and heavy types. Among the more traditional weapons is to provide a crossbow, fire ax, AK47, GLOCK 17, SVD, MP5 and katana. In addition, there are other types of weapons. The further you advance in the game, the more impressive is the choice of weapons and equipment. BlackFire play you'll be using different modes. Your opponent can be both man and mutant. Every successfully completed task brings reward. Conquer the new levels, earn awards and titles, have a new weapon in the possession of, collect gold, move up the career ladder and enjoy the exciting game of the imagination!
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