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Ability to transform into a werewolf can be called one of the main features of the Bloodmoon game that can be called a novelty in the series of Elder Scrolls. show a detailed description of Ability to transform into a werewolf can be called one of the main features of the Bloodmoon game that can be called a novelty in the series of Elder Scrolls. The image of a werewolf was quite popular in Daggerfall, because they came impressive bonuses for their fighting and athletic achievement. The game Bloodmoon online, complete imbalance and symbols, kung fu werewolf will have a multitude of functions. Before playing Bloodmoon, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency of the processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video card - 128 MB. Bloodmoon registration does not take a lot of time and will not cause problems: On the home page, choose your fate (vampire hunter, werewolf); Give a name to your character; Enter a valid e-mail; Enter a secure password; Select «OK». Blood Moon game is not synonymous with Morrowind. Yes, the major part of these: battles, the interface is defined by the value of production, etc. But Bloodmoon game has evolved in a completely different direction. The expansion opens when you go out to Vardefola colonized the island again Solstheim. You will see that the land Bloodmoon online is quite different from the kinds of dull deserts and swamps Vvardenfall. Solstheim is enough Norwegian nature: juicy forest, frozen mountains and small towns with houses made of wood. Island Bloodmoon online inhabited mainly by certain tribes of the North, as well as rampant Beserkerami that attacks on citizens. You will be playing and Bloodmoon familiar with six new types of armor, for example, Ice Armor or Armour Snow Wolf. There is also the newest weapon in the Bloodmoon online, are made of ice and silver, and even the latest developments and interesting weapons searches, for example, a unique mace. What about the dungeons Bloodmoon online, they are relatively easy to overcome. You will have to overcome 50 levels of locks, in order to get the long-awaited treasure. Various quests can be considered quite fascinating in Bloodmoon online. A lot of effort was put into inventing quests and reward. Now you will be able to get enough gold and the necessary weapons for the effort, plus some other rewards in Bloodmoon online. The cave, which is one of the major awards, just full of treasures: precious stones, gold, and necessary weapon pile, like the tomb of Tutankhamun. Regarding the history of the game Bloodmoon can say that it is well done. You will follow two main themes. The first begins with the captain of the Imperial Legion Bloodmoon online, trouble is aggravated, and the game leads you to the village of Skaal to find the answers. Another main theme of the Bloodmoon Online can be called a parish in a fraction of the Eastern Empire, to build a city with a colony of Raven Rock. Raven Rock theme for today can be called the most exciting in the Bloodmoon online. Raven Rock quests include a variety of chores and the mission where you take on the role of sheriff of the colony, and in the end, take any side, fighting for power. Once the job is done in Bloodmoon online, colony improved and increased according to your actions and decisions. The main quest can be called traditional with omens and prophecies Bloodmoon online. In the end, you will consider two options: a werewolf and get quests or Skaal take sides in a match against Wolves. Thus, the game has an exciting Bloodmoon fascinating story and interesting quests. Play Bloodmoon online and become those who you like!
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