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The free browser game that will bring you the most positive emotions, it can easily lift your mood. All this about the game Plant online. show a detailed description of The free browser game that will bring you the most positive emotions, it can easily lift your mood. All this about the game Plant online. The plot is very funny - the battle between the rams and pigs, they would never make peace, I guess. Very exciting to play Plant. Plant for the online game does not need any client installation. Registration is necessary only Botva. Select a server, enter your email address and password. Join in a game Plant completed. When the registration is completed Plant, you need to choose a hero. Now you can create an image that is most like it, name it and come up with a secure password. Tops online game offers two functions: Barantus (so-called lamb) and Svintus (it is therefore pigs). The names are already causing laughter. And there are two factions at twelve players: half of women, half men. Create a kind of free, but if you want something special, you can buy the local greens. And when it went through all the settings - start to play Plant. At first online game Plant gives the task for which you can receive a reward - gold medals. The game has three currencies - they are called resources. And now a little bit more in detail about this currency. Home currency - gold. To get it to a farmer working, going to watch, but there is another option - to select other players. It's up to you. For a given currency to buy equipment and ammunition, as well as improve the performance of the character. The crystals can be extracted in the mine and in various mini games. For them it is possible to purchase items of equipment. They will help you win the battle. Greens - a currency that is similar to crystals, it saves you from working in the mine. Greens can win at poker on the bones of the tavern. And if you are in a guild, you can get fresh herbs on the market. The bargaining between the other players will bring you plenty of cabbage. In "Character" is a possibility to change the picture, and learn all the features of his character. The ability of these are interesting enough. Level - is the growth of the character. Power - the power of damage that a character can cause the enemy. Protection - is responsible for blocking damage. Agility - the ability to skip a beat the enemy. Mass indicates the level of health, and the speed with which it can be recovered. Skill - the ability to apply a few strokes at a time. Glory shows moral character. Play the game can be purchased online Botva yourself anything, even animals. The game is referred to as petami. Pets will help in battle, but it is fun too expensive. Armor protects against impact. Weapons galore. But if not lostatochno can stock pendants and potions. There are different buildings in different villages. Play the game online you can Plant and together with the other players that are relevant to your guild. You can engage in various occupations. Moneybags bonkers on gold, yes, the merchants are. Workaholic - miners who mined crystals. Hardworking see the pleasure in working on the farm. Kuznetsov called Zhelezyachnikami. Botva online is quite an exciting game. Unite clan to easily play the game online Plant. Sometimes there are differences, all pulled the blanket over himself, then there are two groups of War online game Botva. Plant online game is very interesting. Check-tops - only the initial stage, playing Plant is very funny and fun. There is no room boredom.
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