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Broken Realm online - exciting fantasy browser MMORPG model of free play on the medieval theme. show a detailed description of Broken Realm online - exciting fantasy browser MMORPG model of free play on the medieval theme. As a result of the joint efforts of employees R2Games, offering users a huge virtual world, where endlessly hotly battle, where the dungeon teeming with various dangerous creatures, where the fight against aggressive Bosses is a life-and-death struggle. If your heart is brave enough for all these twists and turns, and you agree to keep your character to victory - Broken Realm game created just for you. Everything that is happening around, thanks to high-quality 2. 5D chart, it seems very realistic. So you head to plunge into the turbulent events that take place in medieval times. To play Broken Realm, not necessarily be the owner of a steep computer heaped parameters. Enough with the PC system requirements such as CPU Celeron (R) CPU 2. 13 GHz, the expansion display WXGA (1280 x 720), 400 MB hard disk, RAM 512 MB - and the gameplay will work flawlessly. Also get into the new world of easy. You only have to create an account by filling out the following lines to the appropriate forms, user name, email address, password and date of birth. Another Broken Realm registration has rewritten the characters from the image. So, if you agree with all the rules of the project (after registration of the game Broken Realm constitutes acceptance of the User Agreement), go through this simple procedure and forward - long live the carefree life! Have to start with character creation. To play the game you'll Broken Realm hero whose character build up their own. All that you will run during gameplay brings good rewards. There are three ways to earn gold: first, selling points, and second, completing quests, and thirdly, participation in events. In addition to money, and you need good equipment. So do not be greedy and get better on the hard earned useful little things in NPCS (tailor, blacksmith, etc. § ), Which are in every city. You can get the equipment and the victory over the monster. Moreover, the stronger contender - the better thing to fall out of it in the end. By the way, of the monsters sometimes drop out of medicine. Pick them, then it was not necessary to run to the Apothecary. It is worth mentioning that with the passage of time, things can deteriorate and break. But for this game provides a special NPCs, that will gladly accept your order and are subject to all necessary. Do not forget to follow the weapons, but do not miss even such an important time as raising a pet. You can make your efforts to close was not only a loyal friend, but also a reliable assistant. There are in the game world, but bloody battles, the different classes. For example, the trade here is by no means the last place. BR game allows you to sign lucrative deals with other users. To begin, select a user, click on his avatar and select trade. There are no ridiculous complexities. But the benefit of acts of sale is clear. Yes, no one except you will not be able to bring the character to stardom. But after starting the possibility of joining the guild, it is better not miss this chance. Joining one of the existing guilds, you can play Broken Realm even more effective. After all, what can be achieved together, often by force alone. Find the most suitable guild and feel free to send a request. The longer you play the game Broken Realm, becomes more interesting. With the move to each new level you are waiting for an unforgettable meeting with all new dangers. So after level 30, your path can easily block the Ice Queen, after the 40th Met Rhakar Spider, and after the 50th will stumble in the catacombs Lair devil on Reaper. Sounds great, does not it? Pass until the entire chain of unforgettable adventure, a great number of events have to go through. Let us, for example, some of the names of upcoming events: Learning Tower Rise of the monster, treasure hunt, Dead River Valley, territorial expansion, spectral field of battle. Of course, this is not a complete list. But perhaps it would be better to try than to just sit and spend time learning the description of the game. Do not waste your time! This activity should come to your taste! Good luck!
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