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Blood and Soul Online - a multiplayer online role-playing game that takes you into the fantasy world of the universe Theos. show a detailed description of Blood and Soul Online - a multiplayer online role-playing game that takes you into the fantasy world of the universe Theos. Blood and Soul game was created by Korean developer, so you expect the usual for this genre characters. Here you will be surrounded by brave knights in shining armor and with a rather strange hair, and cute girls - warrior, here and there, walking around in short skirts and all that they are practically naked, so you may want to know how such clothes can serve as armor. To start the game, you need to download the game client BS, as well as, a registration BS on the internet. You without any problems can safely BS free download, because the game is free and is available free online. Next, you will check in the game BS, you can go to the official website of the game. Need to fill out a simple registration form, fill in all the fields you with information such as username, password, and so on. Play the game online you have to BS in a wonderful and fantastic world of Teos. In this world for thousands of years a bloody war. Few survivors at the site of old ruins, built a new capital city and the majestic Tario. In the BS you have to play to be a great favorite that legends and predicted that would end all battles and bring peace and tranquility to the land of Teos. BS online game, in which you have to collect their own powerful army, and help scientists in their research and together find a cure for the terrible scourge that plagues the world. Play BS must constantly pumping and thus improving your character. You have to pass the ordeal, in order to gain experience and acquire new, necessary knowledge and technology. The game has fantastic creatures assistants, such as Seraphim. But the truth is, they come to the aid of only the best players, which is not enough time and energy spent on the fight against evil. And the evil in the game enough. You have to keep spectacular battles with the crowds of demons, who decided to crawl out of their underground world and enslave all who live on the surface. In addition to the demons, danger is expected from the fallen angels and from people traitors. Meeting with any of them will end the battle to the death. You will be able to visit the temple of knowledge of the game, which collected millions of manuscripts, books, manuscripts and other things are going for thousands of years. It was in this church, reading manuscripts, made a prophecy about a hero who will lead the world to victory, to find the way to the wall of fame. BS game offers you to choose a character from four classes available: warrior, gunner, mage, bard. Each of these classes has its own unique features, so you should become familiar with all of them before you start the game. BS online game that offers its players as permanent assistants - elves. Elf did not get nothing, it should be able to catch, during the passage of one of the tasks. Elf will grow with your character, and its very development is divided into three stages: childhood, adolescent and grown. BS game also promotes continuous communication of their players, and in order to not become boring, the game can find a soul mate and play with her magnificent wedding. In addition to family affairs and war, you have to create your guild go well join an existing one. After all, to trade with allies sometimes very profitable occupation. The game got a really exciting and fantastic, you will spend a lot of time in the game, enjoying every minute of the universe Theos.
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