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If DiamondDash one of your favorite apps, the game CandyCash'll love you. show a detailed description of If DiamondDash one of your favorite apps, the game CandyCash'll love you. The essence of the game is very much like DD, only CandyCash you will be playing at the candy factory. Your goal - to sell more candy, while earning money, of course. You will be able to sell candy, removing chains of three or more standing in a row of identical sweets. The more candy you will be removed from the field, the more points you get. On the left side you will see a special timeline. Systematically removing the candy from the field, you will extend your playing time. If you are distracted by something, or are too long to find a chain of identical sweets, then will gradually disappear. Once vremyazakonchitsya, you lose. CandyCashonline - game from the developers of PlingaPlay. It is perfect for a relaxing pastime, when you just want to relax, do not think about anything serious, and play some good toy. If ever you had previously played at least one game from Plinga, then you're in luck, because in this case the registration process you will be as simple as possible. Even, to be precise, for you will be completely abolished registration. All you will need to make the game started, log in to the system under the previously recorded data. If this is your first meeting with the project Plinga, then you CandyCash registration will become mandatory process. Even despite the fact that the entire leadership of the game is given in English, anyone, even the least experienced gamer who does not know the language, but has malomalskoy intuition can understand it. To preview the game, you can try to test it to make it will have to go on a reference «Tryit». Anyone can register a project Plingapri using your account in the social network Facebook. If you do happen to those who remain faithful to the traditional methods of registration, you will need to follow the link «Register». On the screen you'll get a registration form, which you have to fill out and to start to play CandyCash. In the first line under the name «Emailaddress» and as you probably will be able to guess, you will need to indicate your inbox. In the next field, which is called «Username», you will need to write your username, will also call your game character in most games Plinga, except those that can be given in addition to the heroes names and nicknames. The line «Password» write your password. Think of it as reliable as you would be safer to play the game CandyCash, and fraudsters are unlikely to be able to hack your account. To check over, accept the terms of the system by placing a check in the next line. To receive letters from the game and put the bird in the next line. Registration ends «Register». Play CandyCash free can be anyone - try it and you!
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