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Game Castlot - free browser fantastic multiplayer game that is developed in the Middle Ages. Project with elements of RPG and strategy captures the very first minutes. show a detailed description of Game Castlot - free browser fantastic multiplayer game that is developed in the Middle Ages. Project with elements of RPG and strategy captures the very first minutes. You will take part in the Anglo-Saxon war VI century, capturing with his possession more land. Furthermore you will have your own city and you can constantly improve, just like the perfect hero. Rich interface to satisfy even the most demanding users. The creators have thought through all the way down to the smallest detail, so that you can enjoy the high quality products, as well as possible the right to brighten up a boring leisure. Become a great warrior of times past, go through a series of unforgettable trials, earn unwavering authority - for this world of magic and created Castlot online! Join in a game Castlot - is filling out a form with fields such as name, password (repetition), e-mail address. Before you create an account, to become better acquainted with the rules of the game. After Castlot registration - it is also the automatic acceptance of this agreement. Planning to move into the virtual space, make sure that your computer meets the necessary requirements: - Windows / 2000/XP/Vista x32/Seven; - Processor Intel Pentium III 1 GHz; - 64 MB video card; - RAM 264 MB. As soon as the first time you enter a new world for yourself, for you will go to the service are the hero and to be pumped all the way. It is the first character, which starts Castlot play is paramount. It is worth saying that if you want the name and his appearance can be changed. No one is going to impose your own tastes. Development of the hero going through the levels. But there is one more feature that game Kastlot strongly advises not to be overlooked. You will have to pump the Senate and to monitor its level. Remember that the level of the hero can not be above the level of commercialization of the Senate. All the characters that will come under your leadership after the first - extra. But they are given for a reason. Obey the epic heroes in the hall of the hero and then they complain to your hands. Army of his soldiers should be trained. Develop soldiers, pumping their parameters such as agility, intelligence, endurance and strength. By the way, all the extra characters have their rank. This is a rating, reviewing that you can study the information with regard to the characters, not only yours, but also other players. Featured medieval rulers being granted access to the eight types of resources: grain, wood, iron, stone, people, gold, magic potions and diamonds. Each resource has its purpose and methods of extracting all of the resources are also different. The longer are in the game, the more interesting it becomes. For example, after reaching level 20, will play in Castlot under the protection of the eggs hatched dragon. This animal is able to improve the characteristics of all your characters. By the way, the experience of the dragon can be raised and then you'll get even more out of his influence. There are special books. Another of the cool game chips - use maps. This is quite a powerful weapon, if skillfully handle it. Cards are divided into the following types: - Cards heroes skills (effective in battles at the Arena and the Tower of Babel) - Talent card (suitable for battles between units); - Battle of the Elements card (like the previous increase the chances of winning the order.) Each player is available maps, and to take advantage of one of them, just go to the bar and pull the card out of the deck lying in front of you. Stored here while 14 cards. If you want to get new instances, you must first use or sell the old ones. As you can see nothing complicated, but the result on the face! To play the game you will Castlot at different locations. Take, for example, a map of hiking, where there is a battle with the armies of monsters. Fights with the local NPC - a great way to earn rewards. But also other cards offer something attractive to gamers had no reason to be bored. The game carries a great potential and understand all this diversity can become a resident of the extraordinary virtual world. You are waiting for a dizzying feats! Hurry up!
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