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Cartoon Star Wars: Clone Wars in the universe of Star Wars, gained much popularity among the people of the world. show a detailed description of Cartoon Star Wars: Clone Wars in the universe of Star Wars, gained much popularity among the people of the world. Campaign Sony Online Entertainment, seeing the success of the project, immediately decided to create online project based on the cartoon. Game Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is a huge collection of mini-games, which is intended primarily for children's audience. But for an grown audience, are taken into account only fans of this universe, there are also classes in this game. The game gives the player the Warriors Clone Wars mini-games such as:  interesting and unpredictable lightsaber duel;  global space battles;  speeder race in space (such races have been featured in one of the film);  shooting competition;  You will be able to program the droid;  and many more, in the range can be found more than 20 different mini-games. Clone Wars game gives you the opportunity to have a personal pet. The role of the pet will fulfill your companion droid. It can be improved, and modify to taste, starting with the exterior, interior finishing components. The same service available to purchase private home, which can also be modified, and furnish furniture to your liking. For your free choice of more than a hundred different elements of the interior. Play Clone Wars Adventures interesting. It does not have to worry about your gear and leveling. But for you will be available to more than 1,000 virtual items. You will not be required to go to the various raids and epic hunt for different things. But it will be available for about 586 levels to explore. Also in the game of creating a system for clans. This game is also available in the form of PvP duels and tournaments. Unfortunately, in the Clone Wars registration representation exclusively in English, and the game itself is provided in English, but for the game of knowledge of the language is required. When filling out the details for registration no difficulties. After registering, you will need to download the game client and update it. But the game itself will work in a browser window. Clone Wars Adventures online will not require your constant in the game. On the game you will have to go, not enough time, because the mini-games simply can not take a long time. In the Clone Wars to play quite easily and positively. It is sure to give you a lot of positive emotions, you will always get out of it with a smile on his face. If you are not a serious project and you do not have time for games and want to try, this project is for you.
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