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Colonies online - fantastic multiplayer browser game space subjects model of free play. show a detailed description of Colonies online - fantastic multiplayer browser game space subjects model of free play. The game space is a huge world, which is common to many gamers. On the other players as you can to fight and work together. It all depends on who met on your way and see if you can find a common language with him. The possibilities are truly great, because if you enter into an alliance with someone, it's absolutely reliable people, and if you started a battle, so opponents will be really worthy. In addition, no single way to meet all kinds of monsters. They will get in the way and in every possible way to interfere with achieving the goals. Before you will be able to colonize another planet, may at first have to destroy the crowd of monsters. Send your ships to other planets, conquer them, take away their most valuable and feel yourself a real master of the vast expanse of space! Feel like a space explorer will be able to after you pass the Colonies registration. To create an account you need only a couple of minutes. Enter the name of the forum, please e-mail address, create a password, and then retype it in the next line - that's the case. Now you can press the "Create" button and go back to the seething future events. Gameplay with the same success can be held and a powerful computer and a PC averages. System requirements quite low and therefore cool the computer settings are not a mandatory measure. That is all very simple and the project is available to a wide audience of users. Enjoy! So, how is all very clear, thanks to the Colonies Online nick come at a time when humanity is in space feels like home. No more inaccessible corners of the galaxy, people migrate anywhere and also try to hog the planet that are on the way. Here and there shastayut spaceships, each with its own special mission. And yet, for all the inhabitants of the incredible world, one task - to win more than the planet to defeat defending their wealth of monsters, accumulate a respectable number of necessary resources. But for all this, and you will be taken, starting to play in Colonies. Everyone chooses for himself the role and behaviors. For example, you can become a noble colonist, which in fairness is ready to give his life. Or you can and do not bother moral principles and glorified ruthless killer. But whoever you were Colonies game involves participating in numerous battles. Remember, each success makes a profit. After all, you get a reward for his courage and activity, and thus to become richer and richer over time. Your possibilities are gradually increasing. Equipment is subject to improvement, lined colony can have scarce resources, individual planting units (ILU) significantly increases the chances to win the championship in endless battles, the development of technology makes you omnipotent - all of this is provided to the gameplay was addictive and fascinating. Having tried once Colonies play you again and again will return to the job. Game Colony has a nice moment as the creation of teams players. Everyone will be able to create your squad if he can find among those gamers who still does not apply to existing orders. But if you do not aspire to be a leader, so join the squad in which you are invited, will be very useful. For those who refuse to act alone in the name of common goals, open up a much larger perspective. Collaboration and communication via chat with other players makes the gameplay more varied and attractive. As a member of the gaming community you will soon realize that boring routine in the past forever, and now its time you spend having fun! Have a good mood!
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