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Game ConquerX2 - browser based online game that will help you build your empire in space show a detailed description of Game ConquerX2 - browser based online game that will help you build your empire in space. Create a fleet, which will be the best of all the forces of space! Play the game ConquerX2 You will gain influence and power of the empire, you will earn respect. In order that you can play without any problems, you must pass a standard form ConquerX2 registration. Generally registration is very simple, rarely is encountered so easy registration for users. So, let's talk about how to register: Enter login. Now enter your valid e-mailbox. Next, enter your nickname for the game. And now enter a reliable and, most importantly, secure password. From this moment you are a registered user at the great game ConquerX2. In ConquerX2 online as well, you can collect fossils, and even crystals. You just have to deal with the construction of various buildings, and not only that. In addition, you will work on building spaceships. In the game you will be given the opportunity to recruit soldiers into its fleet. Proper exploitation of resources and the proper distribution of funds - the most simple and effective key to building your empire. To ensure that you move up the career ladder in ConquerX2 play you need to expand their knowledge by means of the seizure of foreign planets. His own fleet, you'll be sent to battle against other opponents, and most importantly, to improve its fleet to turn around every fight for you - victory! You will participate in the game during the game ConquerX2 free. Over time, you will increase the number of soldiers in your army. During the game you will be able to ConquerX2 send their soldiers to perform various tasks. But if you give the job to his fighters on the border of an alien planet, you can lose your troops. Crossing the galaxy, as well dangerous for your army. For such actions, the game ConquerX2 exists, so-called, - anxiety. She and notify you of the impending danger. We must not forget that your planet will also carry out attacks from the enemies. You and your soldiers have to defend against the onslaught of the enemy. If you do not get hold of the enemy, then all your regalia and services will simply disappear, and you - quickly lose. The developers of this game are allowed to use a huge number of quests. They will be available on as you advance. Now let's talk a little about those resources that are available in the game. We talked about it and discussed above, how important they are to determine the levels and promotion of the game. Now, we return to this issue. But for now, we'll talk in more detail about the actual resources, as well as the little things associated with them: Population - is an important aspect of the game. Crystals - they are used in the construction of ships, namely responsible for the movement of a ship in outer space, as well of the crystal, creating special towers to protect the vessel. Gas - is responsible for tracking and repair of the vessel. Guns, which are used to fight, just run on gas, as well, you can use the gas to manage multiple courts. Marines - this is a very important and valuable resource, the Marines are responsible for the border security of the planet. We are sure you will enjoy playing this wonderful game! Sign up and come to play, this game will leave a lot of pleasant feelings and do not let you get bored! Good luck!
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