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Cyber ​​Monster online - free browser-based multiplayer role-playing game with a fantastic fascinating story show a detailed description of Cyber ​​Monster online - free browser-based multiplayer role-playing game with a fantastic fascinating story. Users have to go back in a colorful game world in which the character will develop gradually. Forthcoming struggle with evil requires appropriate training, so you should strive to improve the skills of the hero, as well as monitor the status of weapons. From Cyber ​​Monster play, you become a resident of the continent on which many years ago Shadow Dragon distributed fragments of evil. When these fragments hit people, they are just insane. Dragon's determination to control the world, but there were brave, challenge him and sealed his power. However, as the story goes, these forces have to wake up in a hundred years. And then you just get to it time and see how the surrounding land suffer from any mutations. Race such as angels, humans, elves and others can not calmly look at it and decide to join forces to stop the self-will of the Dragon. Now you are one of them and in front of a long journey filled with all sorts of tests. Cyber ​​Monster registration will take you into the virtual space, where there is everything you want: and magic and alchemy, and fierce battles, and pets, and looks incredible monsters and fantastic scenes and stunning effects from the use of advanced skills. Once you have created your account, will find yourself on the gaming locations and experience the most vivid emotions. You choose for themselves the character race. Also available to master one of the existing professions. What attracts you the most? Soldiers always stand at the forefront, with the sword they are you, and physical strength gives confidence. Magee, though weak in defense, but their fears of powerful magic attacks any enemy. Priests are designed to support comrades in every way they help in the battle and also able to heal the wounds. A Rangers deftly handle the bow and from a distance can inflict massive damage. Plays an important role occupied position in society. You start to play the game Cyber ​​Monster as an ordinary citizen. The second stage - the squire, the third - the rider, the fourth - the knight, the fifth - the gentleman, the sixth - Paladin, seventh - Marshal and so on up to the monarch. To move forward, you must perform a lot of quests, which, incidentally, are different. The main quests are in addition to achieving the required level, you get a daily once a day, the guild quests become available when you combine with other players and you can take quests events in major cities in NPC. Tasks brings a variety of useful items, as well as gold. But there are rewards that can be obtained only for the fact that every day get in the game or that have been online for some period of time. While the size of these awards depends on what you post. Cyber ​​Monster free Pandora will delight you with boxes containing tons of items and magic boxes, which allow to use alchemy. Game Cyber ​​Monster has conceived a social component. Interaction with other players is not confined only to join the guild. There is still a marriage system, thanks to which you will be able to unite with those who love making pre-offer and then played the wedding. Possible divorce, in case you make a mistake. All this makes the gameplay is very interesting. And if you take into account that you are available to help pets allowed and cooperation with the NPC, and boredom can all forget. Having tried once this wonderful game, you will again and again to return to it! Enjoy!
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