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Alternative names: Gates of Dawn

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Game Dawngate - strategic fantasy game in the MOBA style, the creators of which is Waystone Games company. show a detailed description of Game Dawngate - strategic fantasy game in the MOBA style, the creators of which is Waystone Games company. The player must choose a suitable character, which he will rule over the entire game, and with which he will explore the virtual world of the project. From the very first action in the game you immerse yourself in the incredible world of fantastic adventure. You will also have the opportunity to share their ideas on the improvement and further development of the game from the developers. Thus, this project will best meet your interests. In Dawngate online MOBA present process, as well as the opportunity to create their own players to the story, the character. This project has so far characterized the PTA stage, so there is no time information about the system requirements that will be needed. Pre Dawngate you can play on a computer with high system requirements. Dawngate registration you will need to become a complete player this project. To do this you need to: - To apply to take part in the testing of the game; - Provide your e-mail address. You will also need to read and accept the Agreement. Play Dawngate you will be on the map, which has two so-called road, surrounded by forest. The inhabitants of the forest are monsters that do not become a no-brainer, but killing them, you can practice the skill. Your main enemies - it's other players. Within each corridor there are four points of h with money, two of which belong to the enemy. You can take a risk and try to take over these points enemy, otherwise try to destroy them, so that your opponent will suffer some loss. The player to the above points more than in the corridors of the tower to destroy rivals, thus making his way to a foreign territory to wipe out the most important building. Do not forget also that the enemies you will certainly resist, so do not forget to take care of your clothing and protect their hero. It is necessary to draw your attention to the fact that at times it is necessary to destroy some towers again, because they have the ability from time to time to recover. Do not get bored! Do not forget to watch your level of resources. They were constantly low, with the time needed to produce more. You also need to improve the things that are with you, as well as to pump the character. Despite the fact that you are a member of one of the teams, you must have a personal interest in order to have something to strive for. In Dawngate online you just have no time to be bored. The game gives you four different roles, one of which is to be used, as well as the need to create your Rolet respectively desired a character. Each option is characterized by the presence of certain bonuses. The project will also provide an opportunity for your character to have a certain kind of attributes that will be useful to you in the most unexpected moment. To help your hero will come as things are only six species and their need to upgrade twice. No battle is not without weapons, which in this project a wide range. Fight, earn money and get them the necessary things to you. Play this game and you will not regret it! Good luck to you!
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