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Game DayZ Standalone - is a multiplayer online shooter genre «survival horror», about the survival of a zombie show a detailed description of Game DayZ Standalone - is a multiplayer online shooter genre «survival horror», about the survival of zombies. This game is a version 2. 0 izvestnogonogo fashion to military simulator ArmA 2. Compared with this precursor, DayZ Standalone online has a very high quality picture, improved physics and an abundance of content. Here's how to comment volumes updates and improvements that have been made either in the final stage of the game the main developer Dean «Rocket» Hall. Work on the implementation of radio Bebul, to allow players to use the radio as a listening device. Will be added to a huge number of objects: gas mask, helmet, pilot, Mauser rifle, pen / paper, pot, can opener, etc. etc. These trends increase the chances fantastic craft. One of the biggest areas that has undergone improvement, was a system of inventory. It is now almost ready for public viewing. This new inventory system support craft, a change of clothes, degradation, tracking, setting weapons and more. It really is a revolutionary system. Game DayZ Standalone acquired new satellite data to improve the detail of the base map. Also expands the upper (northern) area map. Currently open world game has an area of ​​225 km2. Expanded indicators of "Health". If earlier figure was one - blood, now included in the system indicators - health, blood, and level of consciousness. Added long-term effects such as poor nutrition, which affects the health level of your character. Added new types of diseases with characteristic symptoms, infection and treatment: cholera, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis A, B, C, leptospirosis, tuberculosis, meningitis, colds, flu and appropriate antibiotics - doxycycline, tetracycline, ampicillin, ciprofloxacin, penicillin, rifampicin and a vaccine, etc. etc. Added an interesting feature as tracking hero debris he left. For example, if your character decides to eat beans and then throw the empty can, then it is possible to detect its presence. We are happy and confident in the progress, said Dean "Rocket" Hall, so step by step, soon we will reach the finish line. It will be recalled that today in any computer online game is to create your account. Therefore, in the game DayZ Standalone registration is required, but not complicated and takes little time. First you need to go to the game site http://dayzmod. com /, read the rules and conditions of the game, and then: • enter the name of your game character (login); • come up and enter the original password; • to enter your valid email. Then you are a registered user, and you can safely play the game DayZ Standalone. And courage from you just need to, as the new gamers who begin in DayZ Standalone play their first steps in the game to make the minimum margin and the easiest weapon. To get hold of supplies and get more powerful weapons, you want to explore the city and small towns, which is full of zombies. And you can take and kill the same player as you and pick up his belongings. By the way, the death of the game, as expected, the final. And if you are killed, then all you have - will be lost. That such realistic notes you can play free DayZ Standalone
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