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DC Universe - a new online role-playing game with a fascinating story and a huge selection of interesting activities. show a detailed description of DC Universe - a new online role-playing game with a fascinating story and a huge selection of interesting activities. The idea for the new MMORPG game company Sony Entertaimant had learned of the famous comic book. Therefore, all the characters that you meet in the game, has long been known to all. Here you can test your skills as a superhero or supervillain. This is a typical fight between good and evil. And which side you will fight - this is a personal player. If it were not for this centuries-old conflict, residents of the magical world would languish from boredom and idleness. But in the DC Universe Online you will find a huge number of exciting quests, unscrupulous bots that are constantly underfoot and are waiting to be subdued - or rather destroyed, and spectacular fights between real players. In addition you will have to constantly monitor the development of your character, learn martial arts and magic that takes care of a decent arsenal of weapons, and master a variety of peaceful activities. The rapid developments swallow you in a whirlwind adventure! Game DC Universe Online is designed to please its free players. DC Universe registration will take you to the colorful world of the game. To do this you will need to create an account with the following information: The game is a nickname, password, followed by its confirmation, e - mail, country and date of birth. In addition to this you need to answer the question, where did you first hear about the game. After that, place a checkmark in agreement with the rules of the game and you want to keep abreast of all updates. DC Universe Online registration will be completed after you press the corresponding button. To play in the DC Universe, you have to make sure that the parameters of the computer meets the minimum system parameters. For the game fits the following configuration: - Operating system: Windows 7 / Vista / XP; - 1 GB of RAM; - AMD Athlon 64 3200 + or Intel Pentium 4 with a frequency of 3. 0 GHz; - 30 GB of free hard disk space; - Graphics card ATI Radeon X 1800 or nVidia Ge Force 7800; - 256 MB of free space on the graphics card; - Sound card compatible with Direct X. Once in the game, the rookie will be required to take several arbitrary decisions. You have to choose not only the party in whose ranks will fight, but also for everyday use superpowers, which will need to be improved. DC Universe game in which you will be offered magic, gadgets, control nature, ice, fire, or intelligence. The last word is yours! The direction that you like most and will be responsible for the tactics used in the game. Then you must choose a method of transportation. There are three options. It's a quick run, classic flying and acrobatic stunts. The game also has class division heroes. Tanks, healers, and DPS supervisors - four-class series which you can replenish. But only the DPS can be anybody. On the other classes, there are some limitations. For example, the tanks can be fans of either ice or fire. Do not worry that you are unable to understand the basic features of the DC Universe. Experienced teachers on the first call are ready to come to your rescue. Here is both Bettman and the Joker and Lex Luthor, Superman and other helpers, giving good advice. You can become a disciple of one of these characters to master the laws of survival in this rebellious world. Now let's talk about guns. Arsenal in the game just amazes with plenty of choice. Are available and the one-handed and two-handed items and knives, and bows and rifles. But that's only part of it. In fact, the choice is very impressive and you have the opportunity to experience the many deadly gizmos. All the fuss was triggered by the fact that the forces of evil have decided to take power into their own hands and win the land. But the fierce resistance of the forces of good led to a bloody war that broke out that lasted for a long time. No one knows who will come out of it a winner, but each will fight to the last breath. And if you can not surrender to play in the DC Universe to the last? Either way the game will start with the training mission. It consists in the fact that you find yourself unconscious on the space station. When he awoke, you decide that you need to get out of here. But either way they will bar the monsters that need to be destroyed. On the move you were clearing a road from the nasty creatures and learn fighting techniques. At the end of this test, you are transported back in Gotham, a city inhabited by the super-heroes. Depending on to which clan you belong to, you have the opportunity to go to a nightclub or a police station. Which style to choose to play in the DC Universe - Your own business. If you are not very sociable, you will ideally suit a single mode. If you do not imagine your life without a friendly environment and communication, you should join the league. In this case, all the achievements of the collective will. Remember, there is no obyazalovka. You are your own boss! Whoever you are, you will have certain characteristics that need to be improved. Please note the following list of items: Defense, Health, Vitalization, Power, Dominance, Might, Toughness, Chance `n` Damage, Critical Attac, Restoration, Critical Healing Chance and Effect Stealth Rating. The higher the level of your game, and the game 30 has blocked the wider possibilities lice. Skills are improved over time, gradually acquiring high. The game will win you over from the first minute! Dear fans of adventure, you are sure to be pleased! Good luck!
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