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Dirty Bomb game - the game is a first person shooter for many users, in which players will act as a team together. show a detailed description of Dirty Bomb game - the game is a first person shooter for many users, in which players will act as a team together. The creators of this project is the Splash Damage studio. The player will take part in the battles on the streets of London. Actions in this project happen dynamically, by how much there is Unreal Engine engine 3rd generation. The developers of this game have worked on graphics, a large selection of characters, which is characterized by a certain ability, maps, game modes that will not remain without attention from the first minutes of game play. This project will take you to London, where all the events will take place: the battle, scrapes, full of dangers and thrills. Here you do not get rid of physical force, still need to exercise your mind tactics. In order to take part in the so-called test of this game, you have to fill out an application, it may be said, a kind of check-Dirty Bomb. To do this, you need to specify the information required: - Enter the user name; - Provide an email address; - Include your name; - Indicate the name and age. Also you are required to answer these questions: - How much time do you play games online? - What do you like online games? - Do you play online shooters? If so, which ones? - What kind of experience? - Have you taken before participation in the PTA? - Are you a member of any clan or guild? There are answers to the questions. Your request will need to send and wait for her to answer and send you the access key to participate in the PTA. After the above instructions will be able to download the Dirty Bomb. You can play on a computer that meets the following requirements: - Windows XP, Vista or 7 - OS; - Dual Core 2. 0 GHz processor; - 256MB 7900 GTX / X1800 XT graphics card; - 2GB of RAM. Now you can play the Dirty Bomb. Playing Dirty Bomb gives you the ability to pick out the desired character, choosing between five classes: Recon, Medic, Firesupport, Engineer, Assault. Each class has its own unusual abilities. Play a game of Dirty Bomb will be very exciting. Please note that your character was strong, you will need to constantly improve it and pump. And test your skills, you can directly on the streets of London. This project will give you the opportunity to take advantage of such modes: Team Death-match, sophisticated batch operations, and more. Your character will need to show all their courage, strength, intelligence, tactical action. An important point - the uniform character, without which it would be difficult to overcome obstacles and fight the enemies. In Dirty Bomb online you will have access to a different range of weapons that can be arrange to your liking. You should try to play this game and test their own experience all the features of this project, which will still be updated, perfected by developers. Go into this game, you can also through networks such as "VKontakte", "Twitter", "Facebook". Good luck to you!
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