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The game Defense of the Ancients - free strategic team play for many users. It's kind of a modified Warcraft III show a detailed description of The game Defense of the Ancients - free strategic team play for many users. It's kind of a modified Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and the expansion Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. All events that occur in the virtual world of Aeon of Strife map for StarCraft, where developers are Eul, Guinsoo and IceFrog. In this game you have to command and control your character , and soon develop his skills and abilities. Thus , you will have a chance to get under his wing certain things. During the game you will want to take part in the competition , to destroy the enemy camp . All your actions should be well-coordinated with your team , but you are responsible only for the character . This game will provide you with a means of creeps that will prove useful to you in this difficult hour. A team may consist of five members. Fans just to watch , as well as arbitrators awarded special place . Game Dota help you gain allies , and to relive their experience breathtaking experiences and adventures . DotA registration helps you to immerse themselves in the virtual world . To do this you need to : - Specify the date of your birth ; - Read and agree to the adoption of the rules of this project ; - Specify the name of the user; - E- mail; - Type words with the proposed picture; - Specify that you actually have a 13 years old; - The name of the player from whom you have learned about this project; - You need to select the appropriate time zone; - To choose a necessary platform . Specifying the necessary information you need to click " Complete registration " and you are a full player . That is not difficult , you only need to pay a couple of minutes ! Play DotA you can on a computer that corresponds to parameters : - Windows XP / 7 / Vista / Vista 64 - OS ; - Pentium 4 March . 0GHz processor ; - 128 MB video card or higher , compatible with DirectX 9; - 5 GB of free hard disk space ; - 1 GB or more of RAM . Now you can safely proceed to the gameplay . The game has two sides - light and dark , to the bases of which you can get in three ways . On these roads are located tower defense, which must be destroyed to defeat the enemy . The goal - to get to the central building of the " World Tree ." From the very start of the game you will enter into battle with the crypts of your opponents . Keep in mind , each team mate enemy must be destroyed. The victory is the team that is ahead of all destroyed the main building . Your character will be able to dispose of beings who are subject to it . Yet he is given a uniform, you want to find yourself . DotA game will give you use of artifacts. Each character has certain abilities that are suitable for use with the mind. This project provides a number of classes , such as magicians , strongmen , the Dodgers . Each class has its own vocation. DotA play - means to improve your character , gain experience , collect game currency , which you can spend to buy all sorts of things. Make your character stronger, do not forget to follow its development , and then you can easily get to level 25 . Get more money , protection, health and ability to do more damage you , winning each time the levels of this skill . Also get the opportunity to quickly revived after the defeat of death. In DotA online you will find that suits the game mode . Good luck to you !
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