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Dota 2 Online - a strategy game for many people with some kind of particles of the game free-to-play. show a detailed description of Dota 2 Online - a strategy game for many people with some kind of particles of the game free-to-play. This game was created before the popularity of DotA and contains some advanced details . These two games have similarities, also one of the developers of the game Dota 2 was the expert who participated in the development of the first draft . Despite some similar elements , the new design has many advantages , such as the presence of voice chat , the ability to maintain reconnect , the presence of regional locations for players for new kind of job - assistance and many other benefits to which you have to personally encounter. In this virtual world you like in the world of DotA will have to fight and defeat your enemy. In Dota 2 online you come across such categories as krill . With the help you accumulate experience , you buy the necessary things and objects and to reach level 25 . Play and you will not regret the choice. Dota 2 registration - this is the first step that needs to be done to any player . To do this you need to: - Indicate the name of your account ; - Enter the password. Then repeat it again ; - Specify the e- mail address , and then repeat it again ; - To answer the question - sekrkt ; - To enter into the desired cell symbols ; - In a certain window to note that you are 13 years or more , and you are accepting rules of this game. After the above requirements , you will need to click on "Create Account " button . The next step you take - whether you have a computer with the following parameters : - Windows XP / 7 / Vista / Vista 64 - OS ; - Pentium 4 March . 0GHz processor ; - DirectX 9 compatible video card ; - 5 GB of free hard disk space; - 1 GB of RAM. Now you can feel free to play Dota 2 . Early in the game you need to choose your character , and you will in the future operate in battle and battle with your enemies . The goal - to destroy the place with his team an enemy building , thus killing all sorts of krill, sweeping away of the way the enemy tower defense. It's worth noting that throughout the game you will need to upgrade your character , buy new weapons and uniforms , as well as to acquire a variety of artifacts. Do not forget to get your piece of gold for the fact that you are a member of a team . In this virtual world, you will see a battle between light and dark sides. Each team is available to five people , which are distributed in a line , so getting ready to come together face -to-face with their enemies in the contest . The winner is the team that previously failed to destroy all enemies central object . Playing Dota 2, you will need along with his associates , not forgetting to pump your character to improve his ability to communicate with other players in the chat. Achieve high tops , pass the level with ease , collect prizes , feel free to participate in competitions and persistently lead your team to victory. Game Dota 2 is open to all players who only wish to play it , it will meet your expectations. Good luck to you !
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