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Would you like to look into the future of the global gaming classics? Game DV8 - your chance to find out what is the real game of the future. show a detailed description of Would you like to look into the future of the global gaming classics? Game DV8 - your chance to find out what is the real game of the future. You yourself turn into a warrior from the future, who will fight for peace, kindness, justice and humanity. After a long battle on the ground was just one city - Whitespire. On the ground, terrible things are happening now. Despised by earlier violence, theft, anger, today is the norm of conduct and approved the legislation. Those people who still have the strength and courage to fight for justice, are sent to a kind of link. Here, the interests of the people who stay loyal and continue to fight, and someone gives up, abandoning their ideas. This is another brainchild PlingaPlay, and DV8 onlinevypolnena in the best traditions of the developer: good graphics, gameplay, story, thoughtful management. The game has collected all the essentials that he wants to see in a game every gamer. Of course, the main target audience of this game are more young representatives of gamers, however, and their parents often come across the game! If you have ever been recorded in any game otPlinga, the registration process will be simplified for you. More precisely, it is not at all to start the game you can simply be authorized by the previously registered data. If for you it is the first meeting with the project, in DV8 registration will be mandatory, but then she will give you access to all the other games of the project. Even the fact that the game has no adaptation for Russian players, does not prevent gamers to play well and understand what is at stake. Right in the center of the game screen you will see a form for registration. If desired, anyone can create a game using your akkauntv Facebook. If you want to create a traditional method, be prepared to fill in a standard questionnaire. In the upper field called «Emailaddress», you will need to enter the address of your electronic mailbox. In line «Password» enter your personal password from your personal account. In order that it may be safer to play the game DV8, try to make the password as safe. In the next field «Username» budetpropisat need your login, which will later be used as the name for most of your game characters. As usual, the rules will have to accept the user agreement, otherwise the system will not allow you to play DV8. You may want to subscribe to receive mailings from the system, which can be done by putting a bird in the line «Iaccepttheterms ...», if receive a letter from the administration does not want you, skip this line. Press «Register». This game is interesting enough, it will accompany you at any moment. In DV8 free to play can anyone. Register and you play and receive regular bonuses from the system! After all, without you, fighters for justice does not handle!
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