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Empire Universe 2 online - free browser game is a fantastic space subjects, installed on a modern engine Javascript. This is a project related to the genre of space TPS, which is a place and RTS battles. show a detailed description of Review of the game Empire Universe 2. Empire Universe 2 online - free browser game is a fantastic space subjects, installed on a modern engine Javascript. Used in the development of innovation, realistic 3D graphics, the ability to play both alone and as part of a balanced gameplay, advanced by the gradual complication of tasks - all these and many other advantages of virtual adventure attract hungry users. Newcomer will latitudes extraordinary development of the universe and this will help detailed tips that accompany each step. By the way, you have the right to choose the way in which you want to follow. Peaceful coexistence or aggressive policy - it just depends on personal preference. Empire Universe 2 and came to play, you can have the same success and capture wild planet, and to invest in research, and engage in trade. To be able to enjoy the game play fun games do not necessarily have a powerful computer with a heaped parameters. For the gameplay is fine average PC configuration. Accessibility makes the game even more popular. And the lack of need of any download or install is no less decisive factor when it comes to choosing an online entertainment. Join in the game Empire Universe II is very simple. Just fill in the fields necessary form by writing username, email address and password, you can already download the game and immerse yourself in its pleasant atmosphere. Please note that creating an account, you should be fully agree with the rules of the project. Game Empire Universe II provides a choice of as many as nine races. You will act as the leader of its kind and do everything possible to have your subjects could not only survive, but have had some success. At the head of the nation you have to overcome many obstacles and uncover the secrets of unknown things that have recently become worry scientists of the world. So, let's list all the races in order: - Plentropiany - recognized geniuses, skilled construction workers, for whom nothing is dearer screwdrivers and welding machine, smart investors, lovers of peaceful development. - Zuupsy - a wild race that is widely regarded as uncouth, her warriors differ cruelty, and opportunities race to establish trade relations with almost zero. - Mosoriantsy - living on a planet with adverse conditions being. Circumstances demanded Mosoriantsev adaptation and over time they have created a special technology to levitate in three-dimensional space. Focused on how to adapt to the environment of the race is not ready for an organized military action. - Ozoydy - very aggressive and have no idea how to lead a peaceful policy. Are used to decide everything in battle and the most important thing for them - the development of warships. Protective systems focus not consider it necessary. - Cyborgs - naschadki human race, revived the technologies that seek to par with the other races live on the home planet. However, many do not take them seriously, so cyborgs have problems when it concerns trade. - People - who are able to adapt to any conditions of the cosmos residents who were not afraid to leave the Earth to an empty space on a dangerous journey. Do not race specific advantages, but also say that they are inferior to other races, too, is impossible. - Magumiantsy - a hidden, hostile towards the other inhabitants of the universe, but rather a highly intelligent race. It is extremely tenacious owners of ships. The representatives of this race are used to looking at things realistically and always ready to punish those who infringe on their interests. - Veganiantsy - race, known for its ability to survivability. This inventors implants that replace dying bodies. Veganiantsy ready for any turmoil, but still, in many respects lagging behind other races. - Yamazoydy - brilliant economists. They know how to make money out of thin air. Yet this race is really strange in itself. Its representatives on the belief divided into two camps, and, if not for their ability, to each find a common language, perhaps race would long ago have self-destructed. As you can see, the game Empire Universe 2 provides a wide range of races. Each has its own pros and cons, but with the same drive any of them are equally interesting. What else should I know those who will play in the Empire Universe 2? Your development begins with mastering the basics. You must gradually establish communication and strive to move forward. To be able to deal with the construction, you have to gather resources. This can be done by a specially designed world. There are eight types of resources needed, and eventually you will be able to increase their rate of production. During gameplay earn Points building, research, and other wars. This is the way you and evolve. To take part in the fighting, which, incidentally, are in real time, you have to create a fleet of ships. You will collect the ships themselves of the proposed units. Such a system allows you to own a unique fleet, while they themselves do battle unpredictable. Join now and you will never regret it! The game can give a lot of fun - so why give up on this? Good luck!
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