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If you believe the creators of this game, they have developed something quite unique that can be the beginning of a new page of history of online games. show a detailed description of If you believe the creators of this game, they have developed something quite unique that can be the beginning of a new page of history of online games. Game Empire Universe 3 - that's what it is about. Yes, before you have had occasion to meet with something similar, but this version of the game will be able to radically change your attitude to it. The new version is designed for those players who have managed to distinguish themselves and show themselves in a good light, as well as savvy newcomers. Developers promise that the experience gained from the Empire Universe 3 online, will be an invaluable and hardly ever else you have to go through something like that. Every beginner starts in the project, with the rank of commander. Under your control will be a real intergalactic army. The main feature of the game - every gamer may choose the direction of the game, this is where it is most convenient to Empire Universe 3 play. That is, everyone can become the creator of your gaming life. When choosing between various options of the story, the player can be a real space gentleman, respecting all their opponents and "colleagues" ilistat a peaceful way, exploring new territory, opening up new land and building technology inventing spaceships. Or you can try your luck by being in the shoes of a dashing star captain invader horror at all the other players, and famous for its brutality. The fact remains that, as in many other online games, Empire Universe 3 registration is required, otherwise just can not get access personal account and play. Do not worry, all you have to do - fill in the standard form and start playing in five minutes. The game is not designed for Russian-speaking gamers, but its management is so simple that you can deal with it, even intuitively. In the center of the game screen will be displayed in front of you registration form. If desired, any player can use to register your account on Facebook or Google+. To sign up so you have to go through the related links at the bottom of the form. If you do not want to link social networks and games, the top field of the form, called a «Nickname», should specify your login game. In line «E-mail» traditionally need to provide your e-mail box. In the subsequent line form «Password» you will need to record your personal password. Try to think of it as a possible safe to play the game Empire Universe 3bylo calmer and safer. By filling in and checking all the fields, click on the link «Registerandplaynow». By pressing this button, you automatically agree to the terms of use and rules of the system. The game has several races: People. Ozoidy. Zuupy. Mosoriany. Magumiany. Cyborgs. Vegans. Plentropiany. Yamozoidy. Pleasant is the fact that anyone can play in the Empire Universe 3 free. Try your luck and you're in space commander!
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