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The game's story Echo of Soul will tell you about the goddess who brought a sacrifice to save the planet. The soul of this goddess is broken into small particles, which are distributed throughout the earth show a detailed description of Game Echo of Soul - new video games, this project is in development. Above it works Korean studio. Game Echo of Soul online stylized genre of MMORPG, different elements of fantasy. In addition, the game Echo of Soul - a new game client. An interesting feature that is sure to please fans of smartphones, is not even possible to play with the computer, you do not have to spend time at the computer. As a new player in the Echo of Soul, you'll discover a new and unique system of showers. In Echo of Soul record is no different from those of computer games. As before, you are required to play a username and password to log in the game. More details yet, because the game project remains under development and improvement ideas. Play Echo of Soul will be able to any registered person, it is important that the system parameters of the personal computer meet the necessary requirements. Unfortunately, we will not update you with a list of demands put forward, it is caused by the same development of the game. Although one of the requirements still stand out - connect your PC to a high-speed Internet. The history of the game will tell you about the goddess who sacrificed itself to save the planet. The soul of this goddess is broken into small particles that are distributed throughout the world. The game Echo of Soul online class division is expected characters. We offer this magnificent Four: 1) Class Warrior - the strongest class with a powerful attack and set up the struggle. 2) Class Warlock - not inferior to the soldiers, all of them are afraid of magic, and do not want to stand in their way. 3) Rogue class - a class featuring agility and resourcefulness. They afford to set any level of complexity. 4) Guard - is a brave class that acts to protect those in need of help. It goes without saying that each class has features that are unique to them. They have laid them for special battles. The game involves work on EOS external way your character completely free. It can be as magical and amazing outfit hairstyle and any interesting features. In Echo of Soul to play you, doing a lot of quests that are directly related to the particles of the soul of the goddess. And also you need to solve to solve the puzzle that the strength is not for everyone. In this game you are fighting the terrible creatures and terrifying monsters. Force your hero to bring the cast, and you earn more pieces of the soul for them. Thanks to him open a special effect that is sure to help you in battle. Game Echo of Soul-rich pets assistants. With the help of some of them you will move. Echo of Soul online is quite a dynamic game, full of interesting challenges and exciting adventures. In the future, expect a Russian version of the site. Echo of Soul online inevitably will not leave you indifferent.
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